NASCAR’s Top Five Fight for the Finish/Day or Night Racing?

It’s time to crank up our poll or contest if you will for the BIG RACE in Charlotte coming up on Sunday.  Give us your predicted Top Five Finishers and we will have another meal for the winner of our contest.

We also want your opinion on which you like better Day or Night Racing?  It would have more of an effect on those who go the NASCAR races and watch them in person but it also effects many who watch the races on the weekends based on which network is showing the race.  A good example or maybe a bad situation would be last week’s All-Star race which ended up on the Speed Channel.

Day or Night Racing and your Top Five Fight for the Finish at Charlotte?  Do you like to sit out in the sun and watch the race or do you like viewing the action out under the stars?  If it starts earlier it gets finished sooner and you can get on home but this weekend has a holiday on Monday for Memorial Day.  Give us your picks and leave us some thoughts about  your racing preferences.

Top Five Fight Finish at Charlotte:1)Jimmie Johnson  2)Mark Martin  3)Kevin Harvick  4)Jeff Gordon  5)Tony Stewart………Run all the Races during the day and more families can attend and still get home in time for work the next day but if you run Nextel Cup Races on Saturday nights then you have a whole new arguement.

*****We are going to keep working to get Doug “Lugnut” Brown to do a weekly NASCAR feature*****