NASCAR’s Top Five Fight for the Finish/Day or Night Racing?

It’s time to crank up our poll or contest if you will for the BIG RACE in Charlotte coming up on Sunday.  Give us your predicted Top Five Finishers and we will have another meal for the winner of our contest.

We also want your opinion on which you like better Day or Night Racing?  It would have more of an effect on those who go the NASCAR races and watch them in person but it also effects many who watch the races on the weekends based on which network is showing the race.  A good example or maybe a bad situation would be last week’s All-Star race which ended up on the Speed Channel.

Day or Night Racing and your Top Five Fight for the Finish at Charlotte?  Do you like to sit out in the sun and watch the race or do you like viewing the action out under the stars?  If it starts earlier it gets finished sooner and you can get on home but this weekend has a holiday on Monday for Memorial Day.  Give us your picks and leave us some thoughts about  your racing preferences.

Top Five Fight Finish at Charlotte:1)Jimmie Johnson  2)Mark Martin  3)Kevin Harvick  4)Jeff Gordon  5)Tony Stewart………Run all the Races during the day and more families can attend and still get home in time for work the next day but if you run Nextel Cup Races on Saturday nights then you have a whole new arguement.

*****We are going to keep working to get Doug “Lugnut” Brown to do a weekly NASCAR feature*****  

16 thoughts on “NASCAR’s Top Five Fight for the Finish/Day or Night Racing?

  1. 1 jeff gordon 2 jimmie johnson 3 dale earnhart 4matt kenseth 5tony stewart andy i like the day races better for the reason i cant stay awake long enough to watch the whole race at nite

  2. 1 kevin harvick 2 jimmie johnson 3 kasey kane 4 jeff gordon 5jeff burton i like nite races better because its not as hot and i have more time to drink beer


  4. Kyle Busch, Jeff Burton, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart. I think I enjoy night racing over day racing just because it is different. Night time feels more like primetime and I think it is a little more exciting.

  5. Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, Dale Jr., Jeff Burton, Jeff Gordon.
    I like the Day races like we used to have at the old fairgrounds down in Jacksonville, Florida. Ray Jones Jr.

  6. My husband will be watching this NASCAR junk but I’ll give you my top five. Rachel Ray, Tammy Faye Baker, Rosey O’Donnell, Paris Hilton, and Barbra Walters. Those are the ones I expect to see on the TV this weekend.

  7. Kevin Harvick, Jamie McMurray, Carl Edwards, Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson
    Night racing for me and my group, it gets mighty hot down at Talledaga in July and August and a night race would suit me just fine when we head down South.

  8. I’ll go with Harvick, Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Dale Jr (Kyle Petty reborn), and Jackie Stewart — wait, is he still racing? And night races or sure. The less rednecks I have to see, the better.

  9. Kurt Busch, Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart, Denny Hamlin, Jimmie Johnson.
    Night Racing is for me since I grew up watching racin’ at Bowman Gray, Carraway, Ace, and 311 Speedways and all of those guys race at night. We also made some occasional visits down to Orange County.(The OC in NC not out in LA)

  10. My top 5 are 1. Mark Martin 2. Jimmie Johnson 3. Denny Hamlin 4. Tony Stewart 5. Jeff Gordon. Night races are my favorite for the following top 5 reasons: 1. no sun. I hate sweatting 2. cars look good under lights 3. you don’t have to be at track 6 or 7am to get parked. 4. most night races are run sat. so you have sun. for rain day. 5. I like fireworks. they look better at night.

  11. J. Gordon, Kevin Harvick, Jeff Burton, Jimmie Johnson, Kasey Kahne I like night races becuase you can still get stuff done in the day before the race and if it’s a Saturday night race up in Richmond or at Bristol you can still get home at a decent hour and have all day on Sunday to rest up before you have to go back to work on Monday. The best place to watch a race is Darlington, SC where the Chicken is cheap and the bones they are a plenty. 1)Bojangles 2)KFC 3)Churches(cheapest leg, wing, and thigh special around) 4)BiLo Deli 5)Tie:The Pantry/Piggly Wiggly

  12. Brad there is an Exxon station in Bennettsville on the left with the best chicken and potato wedges you will find anywhere.

  13. I must agree with Mr. Brown. What a good run for old Kyle.

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