The Class of 2007 a Popularity Contest?

The Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame announced on Tuesday that 11 people will be inducted into the hall on September 17.  We want to know if you have ever heard of any of these upcoming inductees. 

Benny Phillips of the High Point Enterprise says nobody has heard of most of these people and that the hall is a Greensboro Hall of Fame.  Phillips says what about Ted Brown, Johnny Evans, and Tubby Smith all who came through High Point?

Here is The Class of 2007: Hal “Skinny” Brown, Vince Evans, George Foree, Bill Furcron, Page Marsh, Mac Morris, Michael Parker, Mike Raybon, Bob Sawyer, Emil “Emo” Showfety, and Debbie Yow.

Phillips says guys like Showfety and Parker don’t belong.  I’ve heard of all these people with the exception of Foree and Furcron.(never heard of them)  Have you ever heard of any of these Hall of Famers and do they belong?