Gamble on the Go…..

This word from of Jim Gentry out of Gene’s Barber Shop over on Spring Garden Street home of Jimmy, Frank, Ben, and John.

Watch for Charlie Gamble Jr. of N.C. A&T and Southern Guilford in the upcoming Major League Baseball draft. Gamble Jr. feels like he’ll get selected by someone on Friday, the second day of the draft.  He’s worked out for the Chicago Cubs and the Colorado Rockies have been talking to him too.

Charlie Gamble Jr. was the 2007 MEAC Player of the Year.  His father Charlie Gamble Sr. coached at Northeast, Southeast, and Southern Guilford and played at Southeast and Elon.  Dad was a catcher and son a third baseman.  Gamble on the GO…..

Gamble goes with pick #711:See comment box below for more details….. 

3 thoughts on “Gamble on the Go…..

  1. Charlie Gamble Jr. was selected by the Houston Astros with overall pick #711.
    So far there have been 784 picks over the past two days.

  2. Good job charlie!! At least somebody went for it. Wish i had of done it!! Cant wait to see you on the big screen brother!! Good luck, we pullin’ for ya

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