Carolina Phoenix Defeats Delaware Griffins

Special Report by Woody Cavenaugh.

Carolina Phoenix 12
Delaware Griffins 0

The Phoenix are really putting the “X” in exhibition this year beating established teams left and right. With a current tally of four wins, one loss, and favored to win their last scheduled game this season against the Cape Fear Thunder. I am sure that next season coach Holmes is going to be really disappointed if he doesn’t get a crack at this year’s championship team. I am pretty sure also they would also drive back to Shreveport on a moment’s notice to make things right against the only team this year to beat them.

Next year the IWFL plans to go to a two tiered system which looks like will be broken down by teams budgets and winning ability. I suspect that as a new team with so little in the way of fund raising power, the Phoenix will end up in the bottom tier much to the ire of head coach Tim Holmes.