Hoppers win Fifth in a Row/Patriots top Randolph County

The Greensboro Grasshoppers made it five wins in a row on Tuesday night with their 5-4 come from behind victory over the Lexington, Kentucky Legends.

Roger Clemens kid, Koby Clemens drove in three runs for Lexington but it wasn’t enough as the Hoppers’ Spike McDougall brought home Chris Hatcher with a sacrifice fly to right field in the bottom of the ninth inning to give the Grasshoppers the win.

The Hoppers have a 12:30 meeting with Lexington today at First Horizon Park and they will be going for their sixth straight victory.

The Guilford Patriots avenged last week’s loss to Randolph County Post 45 taking the Legion team down in Asheboro by an 11-1 count on Tuesday evening. Justin Smith’s Palomino Patriots are now 11-2 overall. The winning pitcher was Esterline Paulino out of Southwest Guilford and Jody Calloway from East Forsyth and N.C. A&T came in to close things out on the mound as Calloway struck out four of the six batters he faced.

Nick Rodgers went 5-5 with four doubles Tuesday and the Patriots will be back in action on Thursday night. The Patriots pitching staff only allowed two hits by Post 45 batters on Tuesday and Smith says his staff is coming together and they will face a very tough Shockers squad later in the week. The Shockers are made up of players from Grimsley and Southeast Guilford and the Patriots barely beat the Shockers 7-6 in their only other meeting this season.

News and Record coverage on the Palomino baseball has been lacking somewhat this year and we will take any scores that you have and print them here at greensborosports.com. We want all the Palomino, Colt, PONY, and other youth scores and stories that we can get our hands on.

5 thoughts on “Hoppers win Fifth in a Row/Patriots top Randolph County

  1. andy-what do you think about the earnhardt situation?i think he is going to lose a lot of fans over this and what does lugnut think?

  2. I wonder what Little E’s excuse for not winning will be now? By the way, today’s Hopper’s game was one of the craziest I have seen in quite some time. Bad loss for the home team….I’m sure Andy will have more on this game tomorrow.

  3. Terrible loss for the Hoppers on Wednesday and even though Blake Jones got rocked in relief the Hoppers could have won the game on the Chris Coughlan play at the plate in the ninth. When Coughlan came around third after the Lexington catcher had thrown the ball into left field Koby Clemens was holding down Coughlan at third momentarily and then Coughlan gets thrown out at the plate even though he came very close to getting his hand in on the plate ahead of the throw. Clemens made a cheap move and stole one from the Hoppers and Coughlan. Why do people like this have to resort to these moves to stay on top? Clemens is a bum and the Hoppers win streak is over. Give me some time and I will come up with some more excuses but what I’m saying here is for real and maybe some other people saw it too. As for Dale Jr. it makes it look like he is teaming up with the Devil, since he will be hanging out with Jeff Gordon. Why not go to RCR and maintain some of his Daddy’s legacy? I guess Jr. is trying to write his own story, but you would think with all of the Budwiser sponsorship he could create his own team. I guess ‘ole Jr. is scared and afraid to strike out on his own. Maybe he would go broke wrecking cars and blowing up engines. Jr. would rather waste the other man’s money.(Rick Hendrick)

  4. do you really think rick hendricks will give earnhardt his best car? maybe gordon will get mad go back with ray everham-best driver in nascar-who is your pick and why?

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