The Vias check-in on son Michael heading to Virginia Tech

Michael has verbally committed to Virginia Tech to play football. Tech was the last school to offer him out of the 12(on May 29) and then Michael attended the camp there this past weekend. As soon as we started walking the campus last Friday evening, it was a gut feeling for him and for all of us, but more than that, we already knew it met all of the objective criteria that we had been looking at with each school through this process:the academic programs he’s looking for, the campus, the facilities, but mostly the coaching staff, who we’ve known over the years to be fine people. And the location is ideal because it’s less than 3 hours from Carson-Newman, so we can see son Stephen play at noon, and have plenty of time to get to Blacksburg to see a night game with Michael.

God has blessed Michael with incredible size and granted him this incredible talent to play football and we’re proud of him.
Mary Via. (on behalf of Bob and Mary Via)

2 thoughts on “The Vias check-in on son Michael heading to Virginia Tech

  1. Congrats to Michael on his decision to attend Virginia Tech. Frank Beamer is a great coach so this should be a great experience for him. The Vias are a good family and it is great to hear positive things happen to good people.

  2. Congrat sto Michael and to the Via family. Knowing Bob and Doc from my high school days, I can imagine the great celebration taking place.

    N&R have a nice little write up on this Wednesday by Robert Bell. Looks like you got scooped on this Andy. The score is now tied.

    Bell – 1
    Durham – 1

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