Revolution – Possibly The Last Game

This past Saturday might have been the last game for the NIFL Greensboro Revolution – OR IT MIGHT NOT! Last year, they surprised everyone by coming back this year. The last “scheduled” game of the season, they threw a big party with $1 Drafts and it scored a big hit with the fans.

Arena football might not be your cup of tea, The Revolution might not be your ideal tenant for the coliseum (See Gatecity’s blog ); but they did something that I feel the coliseum has lacked for years – affordable entertainment for the taxpayers who are paying the bills for the coliseum.

Ticket prices were affordable, the games were somewhat exciting – no worse than taking a chance with the latest movie release. The coliseum still stuck to the fans with the highest public parking in the city. Concession prices are still higher than the more profitable Wendy’s, MacDonalds or even Hooter’s franchises nearby.

Sure this ain’t the NFL, it’s not high school either and it’s certainly cooler inside the coliseum than watching pick-up games outside. So if the Revolution survives to 2008, let’s hope issues with coliseum high prices can be addressed. It would be a Win-Win for everyone.

Think about it – When parking is as high as ticket prices, how many fans never made it through the door. When you can take your family to Golden Corral and stuff food until they pop for the price of 2 Hot Dogs and 1 Small Drink per person – why steer your car near Lee Street? Sure folks who attend Broadway Shows and $85 concerts don’t care about high prices; but then most of those folks don’t live in Greensboro – those events draw from surrounding communities – it’s the BIG NIGHT OUT. Just like you don’t complain about high prices at the beach. Just a thought.