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It appears as if Matt Brown is getting a serious look by the News & Record. The city’s highest paid employee has apparently stepped out of line twice this year. First, “telling” the city council what they should do and recently apparently working for City Council Candidate Green on City Time.

Matt has some powerful friends in the Greensboro Power Structure. There’s never been an official statement as to whether or not the coliseum should operate for the general public or for profit. It does neither very well as most events are too expensive for citizens to afford and the failure to book successful events have prevented the generation of a positive cash flow.

Matt’s personality is his worst enemy. His pay makes him an easy target. His most recent raise could have funded several non-profit agencies that were recently cut from the city budget.

My solution is simple. Pay based upon performance. $20K Base plus a percentage of the profits. That’s far more generous than any local businessman receives if they operate a club or other entertainment facility. If we are going to operate the coliseum as a non-profit, then quit gouging us on prices. You can’t have it both ways.

Good luck to the the News & Record as they start peeling back the layers. Watch out to avoid the minefield!

5 thoughts on “Matt Brown Fan Club

  1. This is the most negative site I have ever seen. When you are not attacking a group of high school kids, you are attacking the city\’s only real source of news, the News and Record. Then there is this personal feud that this website and this writer in particular has with Matt Brown. Brown is doing a hell of a job and most here could not do any better. Many in Greensboro are just jealous of Brown because he is smarter than 95% of the people in this stinking town. The Coliseum is one of the few things that this one horse town as going for it. Lay off Brown and the Coliseum and try to provide a website that has some decent content.

  2. There’s no doubt that Matt is a SMART man. The question is that can we afford to pay him over $200K a year for what he delivers?

    As for the News & Record, you must not read the Rhinoceros Times or Yes Weekly; both local newspapers that have stepped up to the plate in investigative long form reporting. Something the News & Record has forgotten over time.

    As for Greensboro being a one horse town, you’ve got blinders on buddy. Get out and see and experience all the things Greensboro offers.

  3. Somehow I don’t feel that putting our higher paid employees under the microscope is a big deal. He is paid by the city and thus should not have any issues in standing by his pay, if it is fair.

    As the old addage goes, you get what you pay for. Hey, this site is free and if you don’t like it, feel free to not read it. Mr. Brown’s services on the other hand are not, and everyone who pays taxes in the Gatecity is flipping his salary.

    Are you saying we shouldn’t beable to voice our concerns? Don’t let the doorknob hit you in the butt on the way out of here buddy.

    Great Site Don. Keep up the good work. We in Greensboro should continue to question our city’s direction and fix what, or who is not working.

  4. I would be interested to see how Matt Brown’s pay compares to others who hold similar positions around the country. As for Don’s idea, 20K plus incentives…how standard is that idea in this business? If Matt were to walk, who could we get to run the Coliseum for this amount of compensation? I doubt anyone who would be worth having. In most businesses, pay is determined by market value. There is no one running a 20,000 + seat arena making 20K plus incentives. Don, you are comparing the Coliseum to the N-Club or Much and they are not in the same league. Compare the Coliseum to other publicly owned arena around the country and share your findings. What kind of profits do they bring in and how much is their top man getting? If you find a guy doing a bang up job on the cheap, I say we (Greensboro) offer this guy a raise and send Matty packing.

  5. Don,
    How dare you use progressive thinking to make our extremely “efficient” government more like the private sector when it comes to these sort of things. I’m sure the hard working citizens on Greensboro would rather Mr. Brown receive his full salary whether he is performing or not.

    Please pardon the sarcasm above. This is exactly the reason people don’t want the government to take over the health care industry. If folks think it is overpriced now, what do you think it will look like without any competition?

    I’m kind of surprised that Mr. Brown’s salary doesn’t have any incentives attached to it. Is there a vison for the future of our coliseum? Afterall, according to Matt, its the only horse we have in this town. It would be a shame if our elected and hired officials had no idea what they were going to do with it in the upcoming year(s). I guess the status quo is good enough, with the exception of Mr. Brown’s salary of course.

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