Matt Brown Fan Club

It appears as if Matt Brown is getting a serious look by the News & Record. The city’s highest paid employee has apparently stepped out of line twice this year. First, “telling” the city council what they should do and recently apparently working for City Council Candidate Green on City Time.

Matt has some powerful friends in the Greensboro Power Structure. There’s never been an official statement as to whether or not the coliseum should operate for the general public or for profit. It does neither very well as most events are too expensive for citizens to afford and the failure to book successful events have prevented the generation of a positive cash flow.

Matt’s personality is his worst enemy. His pay makes him an easy target. His most recent raise could have funded several non-profit agencies that were recently cut from the city budget.

My solution is simple. Pay based upon performance. $20K Base plus a percentage of the profits. That’s far more generous than any local businessman receives if they operate a club or other entertainment facility. If we are going to operate the coliseum as a non-profit, then quit gouging us on prices. You can’t have it both ways.

Good luck to the the News & Record as they start peeling back the layers. Watch out to avoid the minefield!