Patriots play for Championship

The Guilford Patriots coached by Justin Smith were set to play for the Palomino Fourth of July Tournament title on Sunday morning at 10am.

The tournament began back on Thursday July 5th and the Patriots dropped their first game in the event falling to Chief Pontiac, Michigan 6-3. The Patriots fought back and advanced to the finals against Lynnhaven, Virginia by knocking off the Long Island Sound 9-2 on July 5, they beat the Maryland Lakers 11-0 on Friday July 6 and then moved on to the championship stopping the Virginia Hurricanes 8-3 on Saturday July 7.

After dropping that first game in the tournament the Patriots have been on a hot streak. Again the final game featured the Guilford Patriots versus Lynnhaven, Virginia Sunday morning at 10am at Stoner-White Stadium in Jaycee Park.

Hopefully Justin Smith will have an update for us in the comment box sometime late Sunday afternoon and we can get a full run down up on Monday morning. Check out for more info.

4 thoughts on “Patriots play for Championship

  1. This was an intense and competitive game with Lynnhaven, from Virginia Beach winning 6-5. Both teams played well and the game could gone either way.

  2. Lynnhaven was the team the Patriots ousted last year in the region tournament in Virginia Beach. The Patriots in turn went to Pittsburgh to play in the Zone where they lost in the chamoionship to New York. These two teams along with the Shockers and a team out of Mayland will play a tournament in a couple of weeks. The winner goes to the Zone in Pennsylvania.

    The Patriots-Lynnhaven game was a great game. The Patriots lost rhe game in the sixth when their pitcher attempted a pickoff at first and threw it over the first baseans head to allow a run to score. The Patriots are 22-10 for the season.

  3. How about a re-match between the Patriots and the Shockers for the right to
    go to the Zone tournament? Could that happen?

  4. The only way that could happen is for those 2 teams to advance in the region. The 4 regions teams will be Shockers, Patriots, a team from Northern Virginia and a team from Maryland. It will be a tough tournament to win. All 4 teams will be talented in one way or another.

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