GBC 12U Girls Softball

From coach Danny Shutt on the GBC 12U Girls Softball team .

I coach the GBC 12U Girls Softball team. We have done really well this year and are currently 5th in points with the World Fastpitch Connection (WFC).

We have qualified and are going to the WFC World Series in Myrtle Beach starting August 7th. Most of our players are from the SE Guilford area, however we do have one from Asheboro, Thomasville, and Eastern Guilford.

If you would like updates while we are there I can send them. (We look forward to the reports on the Greensboro Batting Center girls softball team).

Also, my son Dusty was released yesterday from the DR. His recovery from rotator cuff surgery has went well. He will start throwing again with Carmine Pagano next week. He hopes to be ready by the spring season so that he can help A&T get back to the college WS. Thanks again.