Hoppers announce results from Gun-fight

from Amanda J. Williams Greensboro Grasshoppers Director of Media Relations…..


(Greensboro, NC) Super Splash Day was a huge success in beating the afternoon heat, but the Greensboro Grasshoppers announced today that their Guinness World Record attempt fell short.

Following a day game this past Monday, the Grasshoppers attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the Largest Squirt Gun Fight, inviting players, staff and fans alike to take part in the action.

“The focus of Super Splash Day was to be creative in our promotions and allow our fans some good clean fun on a hot afternoon,” said Grasshoppers President and General Manager Donald Moore. “It would have been great to break the record but we unfortunately just fell a few people short.”

The current record of 1,173 participants was set on April 28th, 2005 at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.

The Hoppers are back for an eight-game homestand beginning Saturday, July 21 against the Lakewood BlueClaws, featuring a fireworks extravaganza presented by Wrangler! For ticket information, please contact the Grasshoppers Box Office at 336.268.2255 or online at www.gsohoppers.com.

The Grasshoppers are recent recipients of the South Atlantic League’s Club Merit Award and General Manager of the Year for the second straight season. The Hoppers continue to grow attendance, as First Horizon Park welcomed 427,890 fans during the 2006 season.

12 thoughts on “Hoppers announce results from Gun-fight

  1. Unfortunately, it was a VERY hot day. A lot of folks left before the game was over, thus reducing the numbers available. It was a extremely fun promotion and I hope they try it again next year.

  2. I heard them talking on the Hopper’s radio about an all-you-can eat ice cream festival. I bet that would bring the fans in on a hot day and it might put their sponsor Yum Yum out of business. Maybe all the fans could meet over there after the game ,we need to do something to bring the blacks and whites together in this city and this might be a good place to start. I don’t see many black folks at the ballgames and I for one think we ought to be seeing more. We in the African-American community need somebody up there at the ball stadium reaching out to us.

  3. Raymond,
    The tickets are sold at the corner of the stadium.
    Why do you need someone to reach out to you?
    Go to the stadium, buy a ticket, and enjoy the game.

  4. Yeah, where did that come from? Talk about coming out of left field! I’m not saying we don’t need to do something to bring the blacks and whites together in this city, but it is the same in any city in the country. I just don’t think many blacks are interested in baseball, otherwise they would be out there…

  5. From what I have seen, everyone has always been made to feel welcome at First Horizon Park.

  6. They should start selling watermelon milkshakes out there at the ballpark. How about a greensborosports.com night at the Grasshoppers’ home, First Horizon Park? Would any of you out there be up for that?

  7. I would hope that the baseball stadium is an EOE enviroment. Equal opportunity employment is of the utmost importance in today’s workplace. Over the years I have seen my people stuck working concessions while the big brass walks around carrying a clipboard while blowing a whistle. If there is a free ticket to be had I am in , I believe in giving eveyone a chance to prove themselves and look forward to taking in the action.

  8. I’m all for a gs.com night at the ballpark. You could give the first 2,000 people through the gate a free computer! Or a free watermelon…

  9. I really like the idea of a free ice cream and/or watermelon giveaway. Here are a couple of points from my own personal experience to help the Grasshoppers….a) being a veteran of a free watermelon giveaway, I would suggest that unless you have a lot of manpower (to cut the melons, clean up the seeds) you pass on the watermelon and go straight to the ice cream. b) I remember in the early 80s going to the old stadium for an all-you-can-eat, worlds biggest banana split. They put the ice cream in a huge trough and people went to town on it. That is pretty nasty but when I was 8, it seemed like a darn good idea. I suggest the Hoppers find a different means to give out the ice cream.

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