More Trouble for Former Bat Olsen

Former Greensboro Bat and current Florida Marlins pitcher Scott Olsen was having trouble picking up his signs on Friday night. Things went smoothly for Olsen in Friday night’s game against the Cincinnati Reds, as the south paw went 7 innings while allowing 4 hits and two runs in Florida’s 10-2 win. Olsen’s problems started after the game. In the early hours of Saturday morning, Olsen was observed by police driving 48 mph in a 35 mph zone. When police attempted to pull Olsen over, the Marlin pitcher seems to have gotten a little crossed up. Evidently, the flashing police lights, siren and repeated requests to pull over on a loud speaker gave Olsen the indication that he should proceed to his home rather than pull over. After arriving at home, Olsen sat in a plastic chair in his front yard until more police arrived on the scene and attempted to arrest him on charges that the pitcher was driving while impaired. At this point, Olsen made another mistake, he decided to resist. In pitching terms, that’s like hanging a fat pitch in a power hitter’s kitchen. In how-to-deal-with-the-police terms, the results are very similar – there are going to be plenty of hits to go around.

By the looks of Olsen’s mug shot, the pitcher got the business from police. Reports say that Olsen with finally subdued with a taser. If only Ken Griffey and his Red Legs teammates had been armed with a stun gun when they faced Olsen during the game.

Trouble is nothing new for Olsen, 23, whose attitude has been called into question on a number of occasions after dust ups with several teammates and a manager. Olsen had just finished serving a two-game suspension this week after an altercation with fellow Marlin Sergio Mitre.

It is time for this kid to grow up. He is a left handed pitcher with solid Major League stuff. Those are ingredients for a long big league career. Probably the most important factor in having a long career though is a player’s mental make up. In that department, it looks like the jury is still out on whether or not Olsen has what it takes.

3 thoughts on “More Trouble for Former Bat Olsen

  1. I heard Jim Rome jumping on this and Rome called Olsen an idiot. Rome said they to lay the taser on Olsen and that the police laid the hard hits upside Olsen’s head and pie-hole. Olsen is typical of all profesional athletes, show them the money and they show you their arse.

  2. Grasshoppers manager Edwin Rodriguez said that this Olsen kid is flat out stupid to keep doing all the dumb things that he has been doing. Edwin was talkig like this kid could use some counseling. This young man does have problems and he has let the fame and fortune go to his head or what is left of it. I also heard the Jim Rome Show but did not hear him mention the Olsen story. I wonder how bad was this kid beaten up. The taser gun was used on Olsen but was it necessary? They(the reporters were saying early on that Scott was just sitting in a lawn and now he will be in a law chair.

  3. They should give Olsen and Vick bunk beds at one of the Guilford County Prison Farms. What these two men have done is an embarassment to society. Drunkeness and Gambling have no place in sports. Abusers of alcohol and all gamblers should be shot. Gambling and alcohol have destroyed sports. The true athletes are busting their tails and then the dogs like Olsen and Vick come along and make a joke out of those have worked so hard to attain the professional level. People are laughing and people are crying and this isn’t funny. Look at the joke the NBA is becoming. Even your old buddy Michael Jordan bet on his Bulls games and left to go play baseball while the heat died down. Olsen, Vick, Jordan, NBA refs, and all the drunks and gamblers; thanks for making a mockery out of professional sports.

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