FSR tells Michael Vick to take the year off

Fox Sports Radio was saying on Sunday that Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick needs to take the year off. Vick has been indicted on charges of running a dog-fighting ring up in Surry County, Virginia. If conVickted Michael could face up to 5 years in prison and huge fines.

The FSR hosts, John Fricke(who once was the play-by-play voice for Wake Forest University football/basketball and did weekend sports at WGHP FOX 8) and Marques Johnson(former UCLA hoops star), said that Vick needs to work out a deal with Falcons team-owner Arthur Blank(Home Depot czar) and that deal would allow Vick to sit out the 2007 season and come back later when the smoke has cleared.

The question is will the smoke ever clear and will the FEDS be privy to deal like this? The Federal agents may force Vick to sit out this football season while he sits in one of the US prisons. Vick may end up on the bench for several years.

It’s all still up in the air with Falcon camp set to get under way later this week. Michael Vick #7 for the Falcons or #2010007 for either Atlanta’s Fulton County Prison or for the Cobb County Correctional Institution, or on the loading dock taking snaps at your local Home Depot?