FSR tells Michael Vick to take the year off

Fox Sports Radio was saying on Sunday that Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick needs to take the year off. Vick has been indicted on charges of running a dog-fighting ring up in Surry County, Virginia. If conVickted Michael could face up to 5 years in prison and huge fines.

The FSR hosts, John Fricke(who once was the play-by-play voice for Wake Forest University football/basketball and did weekend sports at WGHP FOX 8) and Marques Johnson(former UCLA hoops star), said that Vick needs to work out a deal with Falcons team-owner Arthur Blank(Home Depot czar) and that deal would allow Vick to sit out the 2007 season and come back later when the smoke has cleared.

The question is will the smoke ever clear and will the FEDS be privy to deal like this? The Federal agents may force Vick to sit out this football season while he sits in one of the US prisons. Vick may end up on the bench for several years.

It’s all still up in the air with Falcon camp set to get under way later this week. Michael Vick #7 for the Falcons or #2010007 for either Atlanta’s Fulton County Prison or for the Cobb County Correctional Institution, or on the loading dock taking snaps at your local Home Depot?

5 thoughts on “FSR tells Michael Vick to take the year off

  1. What were the Falcons thinking when they gave away Matt Schaub in the off season? Everyone knew Vick had issues to begin with, and this incident just confirms that the Atlanta Falcons have no idea how to run an organization or how to judge their own personnel.

  2. Michael is my favorite player and Virginia Tech rules and I don’t think that
    they will end up throwing Michael under the jail. Mike was great in college
    and he has been more than reputable in the pros. Why is there so much hate
    on Mike Vick. Who cares about some stupid dogs? What about all those dogs
    that end up dying after the Alaskan dog races in the snow storms? Is dog racing
    really any different from dog fighting. In both cases the dogs are fighting for
    their lives. Give Vick a break, Atlanta Falcon fans have paid good money to see
    their team play decent football and why should we let some dead dog issue get
    in the way. I know for a fact that Vick did not bet on the dog fights. I know what
    type of person Vick really is and he don’t bet or gamble. Forget about these dumb
    dogs, “We want football and We want Vick in 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia.

  3. What is the current status of Michael Vick? I heard the league was going to force him to miss four games and that Falcon owner Arthur Blank said he was going to keep Vick out the entire 2007 season? What’s today’s word on Vick?

  4. Vick is sick. This is one sick individual. How could he stand by and watch what was taking place with those dogs? He’s a murderer just like Benoit. Now we are hearing that Clinton Portis of the Redskins says what Vick was doing is OK. Portis is saying that Vick was just watching the dogs fight. Portis, Vick, and others like Ted on this web site need to have their head examined.

  5. Michael Vick is not playing with a full deck. This guy is stupid and he deserves all the misfortune that ends up in his lap. He brought all of this on himself. I have no sympathy for Michael Vick.

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