What’s up with the BIG High School tournament in town?

There’s a big high school baseball tournament in town and does anybody have the news on what is happening? I hear they are playing games at Stoner-White Stadium and at Memorial Stadium. I talked to Johnny Smith earlier and he was working the ticket booth at Memorial.

Kearns Cheek said he would try to get some info over this way but I guess he got busy working with the tournament and forgot about us.

Does anybody have the details and can you get us some of the updates?
*****I stopped by the old Memorial Stadium and found out it is a wooden bat tournament for high school teams. There are about 25 teams in town and the boys from Rustburg, Virginia pulled into the parking lot while I was standing out front talking to Johnny Smith. It is a very big tourney with teams from several different states and it runs through Sunday. We can still use more info if anyone would like to step up to the plate.*****
@@@@@We received an update that the tournament is the NABF 17U World Series. That’s the National Amateur Baseball Federation World Series….Thanks to CB for sending us that info and if anyone else has more news pass it on@@@@@

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  1. 2 Greensboro teams are in this HS world series- made up of area high school players…… the “T.C. Spirits” played Cheasapeak, Md. last night and lost 5-0 ; the “Elks” team played @ 8pm last night and won 14-1
    The Elks teams plays again tonight @ Grimsley 6pm- not sure what time the Spirits play

  2. Catrat, got you covered in a new article. It is up near the top of the page. Thanks for the update and keep them coming our way.

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