Wyndam Block Party

Ever since they stopped running shuttle buses from the coliseum, I haven’t been much of a GGO Fan. These days the golf tournament that calls Greensboro home is called the Wyndham Championship. It getting a lot of players and hopes to get more as the event gets closer. The tournament does a lot for the city that those of us in the trenches don’t see, sort of like that abandoned structure on Lee Street where we pay the gate guard around a quarter of a million dollars to keep the riff-raff out.

Anyway, back to the Golf Tournament, they are having a Block Party on Saturday, August 18th outside Natty Greens (the place where the city seems to having all concerts since the city doesn’t own any facility capable of handling 15,000 to 23,000 people). The Sleeping Booty Band will be playing. Grasshopper fans will recognize the band’s lead singer (Dana Zimmer) for her frequent singing of the National Anthem at games. Others will recognize her because she is nice to look at – from Yes Weekly and Gatecity’s Blog.

The event is FREE, courtesy of United Healthcare.

Editor: Added Picture and Wyndam Tournament Link.