Are you starting to feel the RUSH?(Rush Fitness)

There’s a new fitness team in the area and they are poised to take over the local workout market. At least that’s what they are telling us. If you’ve seen the billboards out by the highway then you know, “That there are gyms and then there are Fitness Centers”. Rush Fitness says they are the fitness center of today and that the others around here are out-of-touch.

Rush Fitness is kind of like Rush Limbaugh. They are coming on real strong and they are putting the boots to the competition. Rush is telling perspective members that Fitness Today does not employ certified Fitness Trainers. One of our writers here at, Doug Cockman, was told just that the other day by a Rush worker. Doug said he had no choice but to believe the guy and he was ready to Rush on in and join up.

Maybe not so fast, let’s give this some thought. Rush is putting together 3 Greensboro locations and one each in High Point and Winston-Salem. In Greensboro, Rush will locate on Randleman Road, in the Brassfield Center on Battleground Avenue, and out on West Wendover near Bridford Parkway. Will Rush be able to stay in business long enough to recover all the expenses that they will incur just getting this RUSH Fitness Center movement off of the ground? Is RUSH the way to go?

Some people that have encountered the RUSH movement are calling this approach PUSH instead of Rush. It has been brought to my attention by more than one person that the RUSH crew is trying to push their product down the public’s throat. In my excercise experiences, that cover over 30 years, I have come to the conclusion that you need a clear passageway so you can breathe. I have been running 4-6 miles per day since 1978 so I would consider myself qualified to talk on the subject of fitness and excecise and I hold a degree in Physical Education, have run 3 marathons and over 100 other road races with distances varying from 1 to 13 miles. I do not like to brag but Jim Thorpe(a true Carlisle Indian) called me the other evening from parts unknown and wanted to know if I was carrying on the tradition. You better believe it baby.

How will this RUSH effect Fitness Today and Gold’s Gym. Ben Derrick owns the Fitness Today chain and Ben is a very smart and successful businessman. If RUSH would have been smart they would have come to our area and bought out the established Fitness Today, added to an already solid formula, and then later changed the name from Fitness Today to RUSH Fitness. Gold’s Gym has a name that’s known all over the United States. Gold’s Gym isn’t going anywhere. Mike Valentino has done a good job of re-entering this market with a Gold’s Gym name that is well recognized.

Jim Modlin, who checks in here at very often and works with Ben Derrick, knows this Greensboro market and he knows his members. RUSH will have to get to know their people and know the members’ budgets before they can survive in this market. Highway billboards, TV and Radio commercials, mailers, hand-out flyers, and stand-up registration boxes…..

That won’t be enough, RUSH will have to get to know the people and what the people can afford to spend. I know the fitness business, like I said, I’ve been on the road for 30 years and from what I’ve seen, RUSH may be in for a CRUSH if they don’t slow down and cover their tracks. RUSH will offer 24/7 hours of operation, but how many people will be working out after midnight? RUSH will get CRUSHED if they don’t alter their approach and offer affordable services that the customers can handle.

The rich man has his own indoor personal gym with a full line of workout equipment. The poor man is running down the road with his tongue hanging out. The middle-man can afford probably $20-$25.00 per month and I don’t care how you slice it, RUSH the middle-man is your man and the new RUSH sign-up deal is for over $30.00 per month and they are headed for $40.00.

You better keep that truck pointed toward I-40 West with upcoming prices like that or maybe call Ben Derrick or Mike Valentino and offer to take them out for lunch and watch out for the lack of RUSH hour traffic if you don’t head my advice. As for me, I’ll keep waving to all my fans as I run down Pleasant Garden Road with the 7:45am express.