The Butler’s gonna do it, again…..

Wayne Butler, formerly of the Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department and now assistant girls basketball coach at Grimsley, will be a busy man this fall but we’ll get back to that later.

We were watching the Grimsley HS football practice on Wednesday afternoon. Practice started at 4pm and ended at 8:45, so the boys were at it for almost 5 hours; including weight training, practice, sprints, etc.

David Moore, Kelsey Stevens, Michah Daub, Jack Schultz, Jamar Reese, Zach Maynard, they were all out there going through Coach Saunders and Coach Anderson’s practice. Eric Davidson, a 9th grader on the JV squad was right there in the middle of them. Eric’s dad, Ron Davidson, said he pretty much likes what he is seeing so far, and that Grimsley has quality, but not much quanity. The overall number of players is low.

Talking about numbers…..Wayne Butler has lost almost 150 pounds in the past couple of years. We mentioned Wayne earlier and he was at the Wednesday practice session and he was talking football and other sports.

Wayne referees middle school, JV, Varsity, College, and Club team football. Middle school on Wednesdy, high school Junior Varsity on Thursday, HS Varsity on Friday, College on Saturday, and College freshman and Club team football on Sunday. Next week Wayne will be at Burlington Williams(coach Sam Story) on Friday night, Eastern Guilford(coach Scott Loosemore) on Saturday morning, and then up in Rockingham County for the Football Jamboree on Saturday afternoon.

Wayne Butler has refereed football, officiated basketball, and umpired baseball since back in the early 1970’s. Wayne was in umpire school with Major League umpire Drew Coble and Wayne scored higher on the umpiring tests than Coble did. Butler worked in the Florida State League(minor league baseball) and he called youth baseball games back when John Lojko and Chris Anton were playing.

The Butler said he remembered Doug Henderson’s old football practices with the “County Fair” rotating workout stations. Coach Henderson would really work those kids over at WG, said WB. Butler’s back on the field and may look better than Grimsley this year. Wayne told me one of his favorite places to call football is at UNCG for the Spartan club football team on Sunday afternoons. He said it really gets good when you have UNCG vs. the club team Tar Heels of UNC-CH.(The Heels have a 55 year-old professor as their as kicker and they even have some of the university janitors on the team)

Butler, Davidson, and Durham; we were sharing and spreading the dirt on Wednesday night, but some of that dirt will have to wait for later.(student transfers, missing grades, missing coaches and teachers)