New Sports Radio – Yes, Folks It’s an FM

But on the downside, it’s in Raleigh…..

Capitol Broadcasting will convert WCMC-FM (99.9 FM – Creedmoor, NC) to Sport Radio sometime this Fall. The station is the new home for the Carolina Hurricanes. It will be competing with 620AM – The Bull and 850AM – the Buzz – both in the Raleigh/Durham radio markets.

Now for the bad news. The station is not the powerhouse needed to drop much of a signal into Greensboro. It has a license for 8Kw at around 600 feet – a construction permit to increase power to 10Kw, but lower the antenna.

To put that into perspective: WNAA – 90.1FM is operating at 10Kw (same power) at roughly the same height. So there’s a fair chance if you can hear WNAA in Creedmoor, you might be able to hear Raleigh’s New Sports FM in Greensboro. They are on the air now with a Country format, which I can receive in the car – which puts it in the same boat as 620 and 850 during the day. At least we might be able to hear the station at night.

This throws down the gauntlet for Curtis Media, which owns a somewhat decent FM with horrible ratings (WZTL). Step up to the plate and switch formats and you can serve and sell both Raleigh and Greensboro/

One thought on “New Sports Radio – Yes, Folks It’s an FM

  1. WOW! 3 sports stations in the triangle? That is amazing. Thanks to the Hurricanes, Raleigh has become a major league town.

    It is a shame that you can’t listen to the Canes on the radio in the Triad. Thankfully, offers broadcasts for free. You can also listen to the game the next morning, which is great.

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