Carr rolling into Court

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Sportscaster Tolly Carr will be in court Monday morning facing charges related to a fatal drunken-driving accident in March.

Carr, 32, of Greensboro, faces felony death by vehicle and driving while impaired for a March 11 wreck in Winston-Salem that killed Casey Bokhoven, 26.

In July, Greensboro attorney Locke Clifford said Carr planned to plead guilty to all charges and would not accept a plea deal. Carr is on unpaid leave from WXII(NBC, Channel 12), Clifford said.

*****Should we BOYCOTT Channel 12 for sticking with Carr?*****

18 thoughts on “Carr rolling into Court

  1. hell yes. i’m never watching that station again…especially if they try to go through with this special on carr’s life and casey’s life (esp. since they have no info on casey cuz no one will give it to them for that very reason).

  2. I am very upset with ANYONE who continues to stick with Carr. The man is not a saint….he killed someone. End of story. I don’t care what he did before or what he’s done since…what matters to me is that he KILLED someone…he took the life of someone’s brother, uncle, son, and friend…I can’t see how anyone would back him.

  3. Sounds like Tolly is stepping up and facing the music. Gotta give him credit for that. People just need to realize that the difference between Tolly and 95% of others in this same situation is that he is actually going to plead guilty to all the charges. Thankfully, there are good Christian people out there that will give Tolly a second chance. Amen.

  4. Tolly Carr is pleading guilty because he IS guilty and because the DA has already said NO PLEA BARGAINS. End of story. Tolly Carr is pleading guilty not to “step up to the plate,” but for the sympathy factor. I have none. The difference between Tolly and 95% of others is that he is using the system to his advantage. That is very apparent.

  5. I just heard an announcement on channel 12 that calls for a boycott of and an all points bulletin for andy

  6. We need stiffer penalties for drunk drivers. As I stated multiple times on here, the biggest issue it not the slap on the wrist that Tolly Carr will get, but the system that allows it. Regrardless of what Carr is given on Monday, it won’t be enough. We, as a society, must lobby to change the consequences for all drunk driving offenders and not just this particular case.

    The Bokhoven family deserves justice, as do multiple other families who’s tragedies did not receive the publicity this accident did. That is why changing the system is the only way to insure that proper justice happens in future occurances with all people who disregard life and drive drunk.

  7. It’s tough down here on East Washington Street. They’ve got me locked up AGAIN and Carr might be going free. Is there not andy justice. I meant any justice. I will go with what Rob said. This is serious business and I need to get out of this jail before game time tonight. Carr is set to go FREE and they throwed the book at me, I guess when your HOT your HOT. Thirty days Tolly….

  8. Whatever dude, If you guys still want to fry me , or “run me over with a truck”, or “slap my face” for what I said months ago, I would suggest finding a hobby or something meaningful do to with your life. The hatred directed at me was only because I wanted to elevate the issue from some idiot newscaster driving drunk to ANYBODY who drives drunk.

  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I still consider Rob, Andy and Dave to be my good friends. For all the harm they’ve done, they are still a few good men.

  10. I have not watched 12 since the the weather lady cut into the Kentucky Derby because a thunder cloud came up back in 2001—Carr should pay the price.

  11. I can’t beweave you idiots would talk about somthing along these lines. Deneise Franklin alaways told me, if you don’t have sumthing good to say, SHUT UP.


  12. Please help me. Who is the man in question here? Is it Cecil Carr, David Carr, or Tolly Carr? This is very confusing. Working on an upcoming show and we need the facts. Considering a move to FOX8 in the fall if we can get a little Luck in our negotiations.


  13. They should all get hard time. Cecil for working at hairy tweeter, David for getting sacked 1500 times a season and not staying down, and oh yeah, Tolly for killing another human being! Why does this stir so many people up on this site? It seems cut and dry to me. Tolly drove drunk and killed someone and he will have to pay for his actions. What if it was a Womp Rat that got ran over. Would yall be making such a stir then? Or would everyone just turn the other cheek? Just because he is pleading guilty does not mean we should cut him any slack, it does not change his actions. I got your back Rob, whenever you get tired I’ll be holding my hand out waiting for the tag…

  14. Mr. Brown, I serve enough hard time at tweeter for puting up with clowns like yourself. I serve time 40 to 45hrs a week. As for Tolly, I have always believed in the old saying: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Tolly killed someone so I say give him the chair. This should be for anyone that has killed another human. However, I would lose a yard to cut then. OK, give him 20yrs with no parole. Oprah, give me 2mil and I will talk.

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