We’re hangin’ loose, says Scott Loosemore at Eastern Guilford

What else can you do after your school burns down and you have to re-build everything, all you can do is hang loose. The Eastern Guilford Wildcats will be going wild this season and among other things they need to do, will be trying to find a new QB to lead their offense. Coach Scott Loosemore knows offense from back in his days as an offensive lineman, playing for Tommy Norwood down at Southeast Guilford.

Coach Loosemore also knows that he has to find a way to win at EG or people will start refering to him as Scott LOSEmore. EG doesn’t want to lose more games than they did last season when the Wildcats went 4-8 overall and 2-3 in the North State conference.

Eastern can have success if they find that QB to go with hard-nosed runner Gerrod Herbin. Herbin ran for 667 yards in 2006, caught 6 passes for 90 yds., and scored 13 touchdowns. Receiver Zamar Dixon can be a threat with 4.6 speed in the 40 if the ‘Cats can find a replacement for Richard Champigny at QB.

EG has two solid linebackers in Chris Herbin and Richard Wilson and with college prospect John Moody at defensive end the Wildcats should have a defense that can compete with almost anyone in the conference with the exception being Reidsville.

How good will this Eastern Guilford squad be? Well, EG made the playoffs for first time in seven years last season and it is not a stretch to think we might see them back for a return visit in 2007. The school can’t burn down again this year to motivate the ‘Cats, but that is good thing, because the Cat’s are coming back and they say they don’t want to Lose-any-more, schools or games.

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