SPAM, SCRAPERS and Aksimet

One of the more interesting things about running this site is seeing who and what is trying to link in. We use an active SPAM filter – Akismet – that has stopped over 15,000 spam attempts over the past few months.

Today, I posted a picture of Andy at the Grasshoppers baseball camp and less than 6 hours later, it had been scraped (a web term for capturing and republishing elsewhere) on a porn site that was interspersed with baseball news. The site posted a comment on the picture here that linked back to the porn site. The SPAM filter tagged the comment immediately as SPAM and prevented it from being posted until someone (me) personally reviewed the post.

I don’t mind that they scraped the picture – there’s really nothing I can do about that without some serious coding on my part. What I will not accept is the links back to their porn site. This is a family-friendly site, as best we can make it, and porn and other adult content have no place here.

2 thoughts on “SPAM, SCRAPERS and Aksimet

  1. The porn sites kept on offering to buy our content and since we wouldn’t sell it
    they decided to steal it. Everybody wants our content. This must be a trend
    across the boards, that everybody wants everybody else’s content.

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