Free Golf and Reduced Prices!

WFMY was reporting Saturday at 6PM, that Sunday will be FREE – GRATIS – NO CHARGE. Attendance has been off and they need a BIG showing on Sunday. I have not been able to confirm this anywhere else. WXII was commenting about THIN lines of fans surrounding the greens – 1 deep!.

PLUS – Big Price Drops in Concessions –

Dasani bottled water and all other Coca-Cola products have been reduced to $1 per bottle for all tournament patrons. In addition, hot dogs have been reduced to $2 while all beer and sandwiches will be $3. “We are taking a page out of Wyndham’s book by making our tournament more hospitable for our fans,” tournament director Mark Brazil said. “We want to be an open and affordable event for everyone. Cutting our concession prices will improve the overall experience for all our fans”

– cite

UPDATE: Free Admission was confirmed at the Wyndham Championship Web Site – BUT there is a CONDITION! You must arrive prior to 9 AM or at least be seated on a parking lot shuttle at 9 AM. The first round starts at 8:40 AM, so it’s not like you won’t have anything to do…. Well actually you might get a little bored; because the bar can’t open until Noon (unless they opt to break the law).

Sunday is Military Day – if you are in the service and have a valid and current Military ID, you and 1 guest can get in free.

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