Greensboro Palominos take the TITLE

We got word here earlier this morning that the Greensboro Palominos coached by Johnny and Justin Smith took the TITLE in the Amateur baseball tournament down in the Virgin Islands.

Congratulations to the team on the 13-0 Championship game victory and also congrats to Tournament MVP and title game winning pitcher Nick Rogers out of Northwest Guilford and NC A&T.

We will update this Championship capsule when we hear more from Johnny, Justin, Jeff, or Jason. Jerry got the ball rolling with his comment at 6:31 this morning.

*****Not only did Nick Rogers receive the MVP of the tournament, but John Neese won the hitting award and Jody Calloway won the pitching award. It was a great week of baseball , surf and fun.*****

7 thoughts on “Greensboro Palominos take the TITLE

  1. Not only did Nick Rogers receive the MVP of the tournament, but John Neese won the hitting award and Jody Calloway won the pitching award. It was a great week of baseball , surf and fun.

  2. Well, it’s Sunday afternoon and we are basking in the tropical sun. Yesterday was rough due to the hurricane. Everyone is having fun and we will be home with the bacon tomorrow night. This will be my last trip since I am calling it quits.

  3. always basking in the sun—that’s our diminutive johnny smith, a legend in his own mind. i heard from several sources that the competition was weak and that several teams did not even show up.
    johnny should have called it quits several years ago, but he wanted to make sure his legacy would live on in the form of diminutive and fat justin. it will be interesting to see if palomino management can “bend the rules” enough to make justin as succesful as johnny.
    with justin active in the league, they will have to rename the league to include the “rear half” of a horse, whether it’s a palomino or a gelding ( certainly more appropriate in justin’s case.

  4. I appreciate your opinion. I do not know who you are but I will put you on our church’s prayer list. From your comments you really need help in more ways than one.

  5. Fred whoever you are come out and say who you are! I would like to know, my son went to the Virgin Island and he is now away for college but he told me that he wanted to play for the Patriots next year and that they were very good coaches. According to my son one of the Patriots players told him that the reason he is in college is becasue of Johnny and Justin. Say what you want before the trip i was not big fans of the Smiths but after we went and saw them coach and handle kids yes i woudl want my son with those two coaches. Whatever Justin is eating it must be good but hell if i went to the world Series my first year as a coach i woudl eat too!

  6. i think fred is probably a amn whos son did not make any team in baseball this year he probably had his dad as a coach in the past i just saw justin the other day and he certainly didnt look fat to me maybe beingt a newlywed is keeping him thin

  7. I have played for Justin and Johnny for the past three summers and I can honestly say that they are two of the best guys I have ever played for. Fred you have no idea what you are talking about. I am one of the guys that they helped get into college baseball. I now play at North Carolina A&T and love it. I can not thank those guys enough for what they have done for me. Out of the three years being on that team we probably played atleast 30-40 games a summer. Out of all those games we played in the three summers I would say we lost under 20 in all. So in conclusion I would say with that kind of winning percentage that they are legends in everybodys mind in palomino baseball, not their own. Fred if you have any questions feel free to ask and leave a comment and I will respond back as soon as I can.

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