30 more reasons to watch MASN

By Bruce Bullington – TV Guru

Among the reasons not shown on the commercial MASN is currently blanketing the area with is seeing our local Orioles team having 30 runs dropped on them at the hands of the Texas Rangers this past Wednesday.

If you’re thinking of dumping Time Warner for DirecTV, now is the best time. You can get NFL Sunday ticket and four months of their biggest programming package for only $99 a month for the first four months.

And new this year from DirecTV: If you order the NFL Super Fan package, not only do you get the Red Zone channel, the two game mix channels, condensed games and fantasy tracker, you will also get access to games directly on your PC.

And if those reasons aren’t enough to switch, don’t forget that the NFL Network is still not available on Time Warner cable, and DirecTV will be the only way to get the Panthers-Cowboys game on December 22nd.

3 thoughts on “30 more reasons to watch MASN

  1. Here’s the thing: Time Warner is basically blacking out baseball for all of NC. They are blacking out not only Orioles and Nationals games — but every team that those teams play — including the Yankees, Red Sox, Braves, etc. etc.

    Because of Time Warner’s blackout we could not watch Barry Bonds record-breaking home run.

    Check out http://www.playballnow.org/northcarolina and see for yourself…

  2. I’m on your side Joe. I’m a lifelong Orioles fan. What I don’t like is MASN distancing themselves from the Orioles in the local ads. The Orioles and Nationals aren’t just there to provide opposition to the Yanks, Sox and Braves. The Orioles in particular have been available here since the 1980s and the emphasis should be on getting them back on TV here.

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