Twin City Cyclones Staff visit the Greensboro Hockey Booster Club

Mark Richards (GM and Head Coach), Shawn Conschafter (Goaltender), Don Lewis (Team Sales / Equipment Manager) and Candace Whitehead (Communications/Office Manage) visited the August meeting of the Greensboro Hockey Booster Club. The Twin City Cyclones is the area’s only Professional Hockey Team.

The Cyclones are getting ready for the 2007-2008 Season, which is nearly two months away. They are pre-selling Season Tickets, Flex Plans, Weekend Plans and will make a plan for you! They want folks to make as many games as possible and will work with you to that end.

I was impressed with the open and honest way that GM Mark Richards answered the questions from those in attendance. Refreshing after a few years of double-speak in Greensboro. We may have missed the boat by not talking with the SPHL for Greensboro’s empty coliseum – they look a lot like the ECHL did in 1988.

I shot a quick promo with Shawn Conschafter after the meeting.

One thought on “Twin City Cyclones Staff visit the Greensboro Hockey Booster Club

  1. The Cyclones really have their act together. I have seen more advertising this summer than all of the last several teams in Winston did total. Let’s hope they stay around awhile.

    Many Greensboro hockey boosters have always had a high brow attitude towards the SPHL. They did not want to lower themselves to that level. Which is funny considering their support for the ECHL, which is a couple of skill levels lower than that team in Raleigh. The SPHL is beginning level pro hockey. It is for guys that have finished college, aged out of juniors, or veterans that still want to play. A hockey night in the Joel Annex is a great night out. And SPHL hockey is fun, you just have to realize that you are not going to see any future NHL’ers, just guys that love the game.

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