ASU Mountaineers Upset # 5 Michigan 34 – 32

I watched the Appalachian State University’s upset of #5 Michgigan at Hugo’s Lawndale. I went to give moral support to the sole Michigan supporter in area.

The restaurant was PACKED! It was almost smoke free as App Fans ruled the bar and restaurant areas.

It was an emotional roller coaster and the place went wild several times, just as it went silent several times. It was magic.

Way to Go ASU!

2 thoughts on “ASU Mountaineers Upset # 5 Michigan 34 – 32

  1. It’s not about football, but how about the kid from Page in the US open? Won his first and second round matches, then ran into Federer and won a set off him! He is the only person to get a set off him this tourney!

  2. amazing.

    I have heard a lot of ASU fans chirping the last several weeks. I thought they were all goofy. ASU was just going up there to get a check and a beatdown, right?? How wrong I was. Congrats to App, but good luck finding any division 1 schools to play in the future.

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