Greensboro Kannapolis Fights

There’s been a lot of talk about Thursday and Friday’s events at the Greensboro Grasshoppers game against the Kannapolis Intimidations. The city has gotten some bad press and some of the media is piling on – even the local folks.

For those looking for the videos and audio, you can search YouTube, FOX8 and the News & Record.

Unfortunately, in sporting events, participants are often subject to letting their emotions overtake them in a moment of competition. It happens in most sports.

In one report I read, people were commenting that they would not return to the Grasshoppers. That’s unfortunate, because these things happen in sports as in life. I know that the Grasshoppers organization, the South Atlantic League and even Major League Baseball is concerned about these peoples’ opinions and will do everything in their power to ensure that events like this do not happen in the future.

There will be more fights in the future – you only need look for them…..

Or you can continue to watch sporting events and use these exceptions to teach others.

2 thoughts on “Greensboro Kannapolis Fights

  1. I was at the game Thursday and listened to the game on Friday. Much of the blame has to go to the umpires. The Kannapolis pitcher should have been ejected in the first inning. They lost control and caused a terrible mess. I hate to say this because I once was a professional baseball umpire, many years ago. In umpire school we were taught to NEVER criticize another umpire. I have now violated that rule.

    How anyone can blame the Hopper Orginazation is beyond me. As a season ticket holder, I fully intend to be there on opening day. It’s the best deal in Greensboro.

  2. I was at Friday night’s game and I had been at several games between these two teams over the season and I have to say that the Intimidators played a dirty game a many occasion. I can’t say what the Hoppers did away from home by any stretch but I feel that the tensions built all season long and finally just broke.

    I feel that this is still the best family entertainment around and that the umps did the best they could (though maybe there could stand to be one more out on the field.)

    I for one intend to buy season tickets – for the dollars, I’d rather support this group of people than hte movies any day of the week! To watch the kids faces when one of them get a game ball – that’s worth GO HOPPEeverything. Can anyone tell me how many times fights have broken out in this stadium since it’s opened???

    Let’s forget the bad and remember the good……GO HOPPERS!!!!!

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