WWE Drug Policy, “not worth a flip”…..

In a stiff blow to the WWE, Congressman Cliff Stearns, a Republican from Florida, said the government turning up all of these drug purchases from an online pharmacy tells him that “WWE does not have a drug policy that’s worth a flip.” He said that WWE didn’t catch them, a district attorney in Albany, N.Y. investigated and found them.

He also said he wonders what other pharmacies might have other WWE customers. He said he wants more details on how WWE’s testing policy actually works.

“We asked them for their testing information; what they came back with was not sufficient,” Stearns said. “We do not have a copy (of the actual testing policy). We didn’t understand whether it was random, what the threshold (level for drugs) was, whether any of these wrestlers were getting post-dated prescriptions after the fact.”

He said he believes he now has their attention. Plans are going forth to hold hearings on Capital Hill later this month or early in October.

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