Thoughts on Grimsley-Dudley football from last Friday night

Here is some good football news:

Zach Maynard and Keenan Allen of Grimsley

I had the opportunity to attend the Dudley and Grimsley football game last week and came a way watching some pretty good football. I was thoroughly impressed with Grimsley Quarterback/Safety Zach Maynard and his brother Keenan Allen Wide receiver/Cornerback/Kick Returner. Zach Maynard has all the tools to be a top notch quarterback not only in this area but at the next level as well. He shows great pocket presence and runs the team very well. He has the height and fluid motion that will serve him well at the collegiate level. He is a diamond in the rough because this is his first season ever really getting extensive playing time. He transfered from Eastern Guilford as a Sophomore and backed up last year’s starter. He reminds me a lot of West Virginia Quarterback Patrick White and Vince Young who led Texas to a National Championship. He may shine even greater in college than at Grimsley.

His brother Keenan Allen is probably one of the best athletes in the area no matter what year that they are in school. He shows great grace and patience when he touches the ball. He has keen instincts and he makes the game seem easy. Keenan is around 6 ft 3 and has very deceptive speed in the mode of a Jerry Rice and Chuck Forman who played for the Minnesota Vikings. Even though he is only a Sophomore, I believe that he will be one of the Nation’s top recruits provided he takes care of things that needs to be taken care of. I have seen big time football in the State of Florida especially in talent rich Dade County and this kid fits right in that arena. I heard he dominated at Eastern Guilford Junior high and is also a great baseball player. He is worth the price of admission.

I have watched the quarterback Dennis Jenkins(no relation) from Dudley for three games now. I believe he has the ability to be a really good quaterback if they used him a little differently to put more pressure on the defense. He has nice speed and a pretty good arm. Granted he was hobbled last week against Grimsley and did not play much; but I believe if they used him more on roll outs and play action passes that it would help their offense more and they would hit more home runs on deep pass routes. It would open up their running game even more because the linebackers would have to either guess on whether to drop back or sit tight. Whenever a defense has to guess whats next , it usually means you have a great offense that is usaully spearheaded by a pretty good quarterback.
*****Insight from Milton Jenkins, former All-City quarterback in Miami, Florida and a regular contributor to*****