Computers – Stop The Insanity!

Every so often, I am asked to help a friend out with the computer they just bought from a friend….

They think they got a deal because they bought a used computer that cost over $2,000 new and they paid $300. I have yet to see anyone who got a good deal.

If you pay more than $150 for a computer slower than 2 Ghz, you got ripped off! Computers today are grouped into two types: Single Processors (286, 386, PI, PII, PIII, P4) and Dual Core. Dual Core is the newest, so you rarely see those for sale used. Laptops are a little more expensive; but rarely worth the risk because they are very expensive to repair and upgrade. I recommend people stay away from used laptops, unless you are prepared to spend another $200 upgrading it.

If you want a good used computer, check out Dell’s Off Lease Auction Site. The computers are basic office computers with just enough computer for the Internet and some work. They are selling P4-2.4Ghz machines with Windows XP for under $150 with shipping. (Windows XP costs $139 by itself!)

I’m still helping friends out, but now, I look at their computer, figure out how much adding new ram, new hard drive and other upgrades will cost and hand them two sheets of paper: 1 – Their costs to buy the parts to make their computer work and 2 – A off-lease Dell that makes their computer look like a Model-T. Later, I take their old computer down to the electronics recycling location on Patterson Ave. Not even the Non-Profits can use these clunkers.