Rob is Ready:This week’s Golden Corral NFL “N”sider Picks Contest

Houston vs Carolina (CAR) – Houston impressed last week with their season opening W over KC, but this week they’ll fall to a Panther team that brings a little more offense to the table, most notably, a serviceable Quarterback. Jake may not be perfect, but he’ll be the difference in this contest. Carolina by 10.

Cincinnati vs Cleveland (CIN) – Charlie Frye has been shipped out west and its only a matter of time until Brady Quinn is named the starter. Hopefully for his sake, he won’t have to play in this one. If you’re a fantasy guru, I’m sure you have already set your Cincy players as starters for this one. Cincinnati in a blowout.

Atlanta vs Jacksonville (JAX) – ECU product David Garrard will get his first win this season against an awful looking Atlanta squad. Despite giving up 300 yards rushing last week, look for Jacksonville to circle the wagons and send the Falcons back across the Georgia state line with a loss. Jacksonville by two TDs.

Green Bay vs NY Giants (GB) – This is probably the toughest call of the week. Despite Brett “Hobble N Gobble” Farve being over the hill, Green Bay will light up the Giants in what some are saying will be Tom Coughlin’s final season in NY. While I like what Derrcik Ward brings to the table as a replacement for Brandon Jacobs, I just don’t think Jared Lorenzen has the goods to deliver a victory for the home squad. Packers in a close one.

Buffalo vs Pittsburgh (PIT) – Pittsburgh rolls. All the hype surrounding LP Lozman and Lee Evans gets flushed this week and Buffalo fans will once again be resigned to accepting the inevitable doom that consumes the Bills. Steelers in a blowout.

San Francisco vs St. Louis (STL) – Did anybody actually watch the finish of the San Francisco game last week? Me neither. Look for lots of Stephen Jackson in this game. Unlike the running backs SF faced last week, Jackson has the ability to get more than 3 yards a carry. St. Louis by a touchdown.

New Orleans vs Tampa Bay (NO) – Brees and Bush will have a field day against a Tampa Bay team that continues to look more and more like the Tampa Bay of the 80’s, only with better looking uniforms. Did these guys actually win a Super Bowl this decade? Saints by 13.

Indianapolis vs Tennessee (IND) – Tennessee will score early, but they can only get so much out of their “one trick pony” offense. Manning, Harrison, Wayne and Co. will all have great opportunities to pad their stats in this one. Indy by 20.

Seattle vs Arizona (SEA) – Arizona might be the unluckiest team in the NFL. Until they win one, I’m picking against em. A late Alexander touchdown lifts the Seahawks to a ten point margin. Crown em!

Minnesota vs Detroit (DET) – Minnesota isn’t facing Atlanta this week and their unseasoned QB will be their Achilles heel. Kitna will manage the field well enough for Jason Hanson to kick a FG to win it. Lions by three.

Dallas vs Miami (DAL) – Miami’s defense seems to be their only selling point these days, but don’t buy em this week, Tony Romo and Terrell Owens will leave the Dolphins wondering what life would be like if Nick Saban had stuck around. Whatever…..whether he stayed or not, Dolphins would lose this one. Cowboys by 14.

NY Jets vs Baltimore (BAL) – The Ravens won’t need a video of the Jet’s signals to win this one. Chad Pennigton should just hope to survive a hungry Baltimore team that was robbed in the end-zone last week. Ravens by 24.

Kansas City vs Chicago (CHI) – Larry Johnson owners will be disappointed again this week as the Chicago D dominates this game. Not even Rex Grossman and Cedric Bensen can play bad enough for the Bears to screw this up. Chicago by 21.

Oakland vs Denver (DEN) – Denver’s defense will shut down McCown, Culpepper, Russell or anyone else the Raiders try to play at QB. Travis Henry will once again prove that he can still play the game while working to pay those child support obligations. Denver by a TD.

San Diego vs New England (NE) – San Diego might be the sexy pick for this game given last year’s unimaginable playoff loss and last week’s Patriot video camera fiasco, but we’re going with New England in this one. As a wise man once said, “sometimes the dragon wins.” New England by three.

****Rob wants to hang on to that Throne after going 11-2 last week to take week one of the Golden Corral contest. Big Jim Modllin went 10-3 and he wants his crown back but no matter what we will have a new winner this week with someone taking home the $20.00 in Gift Certificates from Golden Corral. New winners each week*****

You can catch Rob’s picks above and here is what Big Jim of Fitness Today has to say this week as he tries to re-gain his crown.

Buffalo at Pittsburgh(Pittsburgh)
Indianapolis at Tennesse(Indianapolis)
Green Bay at New York Giants(N.Y. Giants)
Houston at Carolina(Carolina)
San Francisco at St. Louis(St. Louis)
Cincinnati at Cleveland(Cincinnati)
New Orleans at Tampa Bay(New Orleans)
Atlanta at Jacksonville(Jacksonville)
Dallas at Miami(Dallas)
Minnesota at Detroit(Minnesota)
Seattle at Arizona(Seattle)
Kansas City at Chicago(Chicago)
N.Y. Jets at Baltimore(N.Y. Jets)
Oakland at Denver(Denver)
San Diego at New England(San Diego)
*****This gives you look at two guys picks and remember Rob is still the king until someone knocks him off the throne. Also remember we need your total points on the Sunday Nighter:San Diego at New England.*****