Suicide anyone? Randy Orton may be next in line…..

from and Irvin Muchnik a well-known author of Wrestling Babylon and the upcoming book on Chris Benoit, comes this interesting revelation. Did Randy Orton attempt suicide?

A rumor is swirling that World Wrestling Entertainment star Randy Orton attempted suicide within the last year. Very well-placed wrestling sources tell me(Muchnik) that the rumor is true. In the wake of the June murder-suicide of Chris Benoit and the scandal involving scads of WWE performers who ordered steroids and human growth hormone from the Internet gray-market dealer Signature Pharmacy, this is serious stuff.

It’s already clear that WWE’s response to the Signature revelations — generated by the district attorney in Albany, New York, and reported by Sports Illustrated and others — is a joke. Some vague number of the miscreant wrestlers, not named, were “suspended,” but the suspension appears to have consisted of simply being downgraded for a few weeks in TV storylines.

From the same evidence, Randy Orton was not touched at all. That is more than a little strange. Orton’s Signature Pharmacy order marked, at the very least, his second “strike” under WWE’s so-called wellness policy, which would have called for a 60-day (rather than a 30-day) suspension.

The suicide whispers mark the problem as more than a game of “gotcha” or even taste (Orton acquired the gimmick “Legend Killer” after WWE blithely turned Eddie Guerrero’s 2005 death into just another “angle”). It’s a matter of life and death.

Orton, 27, is a third-generation wrestler. He is engaged to marry Samantha Speno, a part-time gymnastics teacher, this fall. Last year Randy and Samantha moved into a country-club estate in High Ridge, Missouri (suburban St. Louis), complete with a gym, a hot tub, and four decks. says:
This is now in the hands of the WWE. Don’t you think they should do something to help Randy Orton before it is too late? The company should give Orton some time off or minimize his push, they’re putting too much pressure on this kid, or at least it seems to be that way to those of us on the outside looking in.

We are not doctors but does it take a doctor to realize that there are major problems with this whole picture? We appreciate one of our regular readers sending this piece our way at and hope that Orton gets some help soon.

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  1. I think the wwe should step up the drug testing policy and provide wrestlers with treatment.I like randy orton .and i hope nothing does happen to him.For the sake of his daughter she is cute and desvers to ,have father around her.As well as her mother does.

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