If I were a betting man Part Deax, Paulie Walnut’s style!

Last weeks selections 11-9-1. Not bad eh Bruce? You can put my share of your winnings in a brown paper bag behind the Bestway on Walker.

In college ball my gaze into the crystal senses that it might be a good idea for you suckers to…

Take Texas A&M +3 against Miami. A&M is on the upswing and Miami is rebuilding.

Tulsa +23 against Oklahoma is enticing, Tulsa has the firepower to hang close.

Lets ride the Nick Saban express and take Bama -3 ½ against Georgia

If Northwestern can lose to DOOK no telling what Ohio State will do. Buckeyes -22 ½

ECU +24 over WVA, I think the potent Pirate offense makes enough plays to keep Skippy charges in the contest at least for a while.

I don’t like taking my team but UNC +14 at South Florida cannot be passed up. Don’t be surprised if the Heels go down there and win outright. South Florida is still floating from the upset of Auburn two weeks back and with WVA a week away this is a classic trap game.

I will take Andy’s colleague Jim Fulmer’s Arkansas Razorback -7 against a Kentucky club that will be due for a letdown following their upset of Louisville.

Pitt -9 against UCONN seems very sound, especially since this game is in the steel city.

Rice +39 ½ against Texas also I think will cover because Mack Brown has some issues with it seems about half his team ending up in the hoosegow it wont cost him this week. But there is no way this team covers this much lumber.

Take Tennessee -19 against Arkansas State, Phillip Fulmer is on the hot seat and needs a nice resounding rout to quell the critics for a week.

In the pros…

The performance of Matt Shaub and co last week against the Hometown Heroes convince me that perhaps Houston might be for real, we will find out a lot more after the world champion Indianapolis Colts come calling. Last week Peyton and company dodged a bullet against the Titans, look for them to be much more focused this week. Indy -7

In an upset special Detroit +6 ½ over Philly, the Lion may sleep tonight, but Detroit has been wide awake in going to a 2-0, look for it to continue against what is a bummed out and slowing becoming banged up Eagles team that has looked anemic offensively thru two games.

San Francisco +9 against Pittsburg: The Steelers are strong, but I think giving that big a number against a up and coming team like the Niners is just too much.

Arizona +8 against Baltimore. See above and replace team names as needed!

Washington -4 against the Giants as Gotham’s favorite sons just look to be coming apart at the seams. ‘

And on MNF I will take the Titans +5 against a New Orleans team that seems to have returned to ‘normal’ much more so than most of the Crescent City.

6 Comments on “If I were a betting man Part Deax, Paulie Walnut’s style!

  1. Paul, by my count, you picked 22 games last week. Did one get rained out, or was there an ambiguous one that I defined incorrectly?

    Picking against the spread is kind of like flipping a coin, right? In fact…..

  2. Flipping the coin gave me the following picks (8 matched out of 15)

    Tex A&M +3 (same)
    Tulsa +23 (same)
    UGA +3.5
    OSU -22.5 (same)
    ECU +24 (same)
    USF -14
    UK +7
    UConn +9
    Rice +39.5 (same)
    Tenn -19 (same)

    Hou +7
    Det +6.5 (same)
    Pit -9
    Bal -8
    Wsh -4 (same)

    We’ll compare after the weekend. Regardless of the coin, the Heels will probably cover.

  3. Your right I did have 22 picks, and the adjusted total is 12-9-1, and those totals will make you $$$$. Ok degenerates, prepare to pay, just leave my cut in a brown paper bag behind New York Pizza.

  4. Its hard to trust an old man who can’t keep up with his own picks, but we’ll be patient with you. My advice to those reading would be to trust you on Sundays and Mondays only. Those who only used your college picks are probably a little dissappoined right now, not to mention broke.

  5. I forgot to flip on the Monday night game, but does it really matter. For future picking, feel free to use a 2006 West Virgina State logo quarter. Cheers!

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