State-wide College football Top 10

Here we go with another classic for your enjoyment:
#1)Catawba(4-0) Last week #3-Off this past Saturday and now the Indians will play this Thursday night at 8:05 on National Television(CSTV and FOX Sports South). Why is Catawba number one? They have won four and lost none with the scores coming in at 55-7 over Chowan, 34-7 over Elizabeth City State, 46-7 over Livingstone, and 46-7 past Fayetteville State.(Averaging 45.5 points per game and only giving up 7ppg)
#2)Wingate(4-0) LW4-Bulldogs had an open date last weekend and now are primed to move up to number one on Friday if Catawba falls on Thursday.
#3)Wake Forest(2-2) LW6-The Demon Deacons are the only saving grace for in-state ACC football fans after the OT win over Maryland. WFU could easily be 4-0 with very close losses to BC and Nebraska.
#4)Guilford College(3-1) LW2-The Quakers play in the ODAC(Obsolete Defense Athletic Conference) and with just a little bit of defense to go with Josh Vogelbach’s passing and Guilford is number one, but after Saturday night’s 56-49 loss the Quakers are running sprints in the 90-plus heat on this Monday afternoon.
#5)Appalachian State(3-1) LW1-The Mountaineers fell on the road 42-31(they are saying it wasn’t even that close) at Wofford and now they have to get up for Elon who has a very hot QB in Scott Riddle.
#6)Elon(2-1) LW10-Elon leveled Liberty 42-14 and now the Phoenix have set their sights set on Appalachian State and have a great chance to defeat the Neers with the EU connection of Riddle to WR Terrel Hudgins good for 4 TD’s last week in Burlington.
#7)East Carolina(1-3) LW5-Large loss by the Pirates to West Virginia and now I believe they have a trip to Houston followed by Central Florida at home coming up next.
#8)Duke(1-3) LW9-The 46-43 loss by the Devils to Navy was very close to a win for Duke and should lift their spirits as they prepare for their next loss.
#9)Greensboro College(1-2) LW10-The Pride falls hard to Maryville, Tennessee 24-7, but still have their most important game of the year coming up this Saturday night versus Guilford in The Soup Bowl at Jamieson Stadium.
#10)TIE:Winston-Salem State(2-2), N.C. State(1-3), and North Carolina(1-3). Life can be tough down at the bottom of the poll and it will get tougher to find a way to keep the Pack and Heels in the poll as the weeks move on.
*****Others to Watch:1)Big Ahmed’s Pizza and Sub 25th Reunion grunt, pass out, and get sick contest…..Too much cheese.
2)The Horseshoe Tournament All-State Team this coming weekend at John DiGorgio’s Pits.
3)In all seriousness, will they be able to continue the NC A&T Aggies/N.C. Central Eagles football series? Things got very ugly at Aggie Stadium Saturday night and is there any way at all that they can keep playing this game? It has gotten to point where it is unsafe and the actions by both teams have cast a black-eye throughout the historically-rich, tradition-laden Black College Football circles.

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  1. NC State > Wofford > App State > Michigan > Penn State > Notre Dame

    Give the Pack it’s props.

    What’s the big surprise about a fight at the A&T / Central game? I mean, this has been happening for years. Sure, the series will be called off “forever.” Then, in about three years they will have a big “make up” game. Churches will be elated. Amen.

    Free the A&T 85!

  2. Please read what Wolfpack player Ernest Jones had to say in our earlier post today. Ernie told it like it is and Deems May said on The Big Tailgate Show Saturday that when he looked around that Wolfpack locker room after the Pack’s loss to Clemson what did he see? May said that the N.C. State players didn’t seem to be showing any emotion and that they really weren’t upset about losing. Deems said on The BIG Tailgate Show that he had seen that same look on the player’s faces when John Bunting was at Carolina and the Heels were getting creamed.

    Deems said that the Pack football players had accepted the fact that they weren’t a good team and that N.C. State would continue to lose with that type of attitude. Deems may be on to something, he was right about Carolina and now he has the same theory about N.C. State. May may be correct. He is much closer to the front line than any of us because he in on The BIG Tailgate Show.

    Speaking of theories, when Elon beats Appalachian then the Phoenix will rank ahead of all of the teams you mentioned with the exception of Wofford and Elon hasn’t faced them yet but when they do they will beat them and if you study the tape closely you will see that Elon would beat N.C. State also.

    Elon has Scott Riddle, 4 TD’s and over 400 yards passing last week. Watch out for the Riddler.

  3. Does anyone agree with me that the ACC is by far the WORST conference in the country—Do not give me that line about VT having a great defense they are playing against ACC competition—Lets talk real football the SEC, Clemson would finish about 8th or 9th in the SEC, needs to to get on the ball, I think Duke could win the the Big Four championship this year.

  4. SEC is a two team race, and the quality of the remaining teams after Florida and LSU is pretty pathetic. Bama barely beats Arkansas and then loses to to Georgia. Georgia loses to South Carolina, but beats Bama in Tuscaloosa. Houston “Roasted” Nutt should call a moving company. Rich Brooks is on a roll. I love how most SEC fans prop the SEC and not the sorry team they actually root for. Guess they really don’t have choice. If you aren’t a Gator or LSU Tiger, you’re just gonna be they’re little whiny Bi@Otches. You’re a Tennessee fan aren’t you? Tell fat Phil to quit eating all the doughnuts.

  5. Six teams from the SEC in the top 25 this week—I guess college football is pretty pathetic if we can have that many teams ranked, everyone keep wathing the JV play, I mean the ACC.

  6. I think Greg is an Alabama Fan and in his defense, the top echelon of the SEC is on par with Oklahoma, USC (the real one) and West Virginia. You can’t discount UF and LSU, but after those two, its a crap shoot in the conference and without vast improvement of the rest, probably only Kentucky (with some luck) and South Carolina have a chance at surviving the entire season in the polls.

    Georgia will lose to Kentucky, Florida and Tennessee.

    Bama will lose to LSU, FSU and Auburn (again).

    Arkansas, Auburn, Tennessee have alreaady fallen from the polls and will need a good deal of luck to climb back in. All three have looked pathetic against mediorcre competition.

    SEC is great, but if you aren’t Florida or LSU, you’re gonna have to enjoy “conference success” and planning a trip to Memphis or Atlanta for a bowl game to make yourself feel better about the remainder of the season.

  7. This web site is classless and and we love it. How can we get the Big Tailgate show so we can learn more about our Woeful ACC schools? I think Elon or Appalachian State could beat many of the ACC schools. The SEC is TRASH because they don’t care about the kids getting an education but if that’s all you Rednecks want to talk about I guess we’ll have to as you ‘Necks say, “Keep on Truckin'”.

    Do we have any proof that the SEC football players even go to class? But hey, I will agree with you ‘Necks, they can play some um football.

  8. I wish you men would dig deeper and look at the whole scope of ACC football for 2007. Boston College can still be a top contender and Clemson is having a great season thus far and the Tigers are playing some outstanding football. The ACC can still be a force but we will have to go outside the Big Four area to get the key players. I will continue to try and inform you about the overall importance of the ACC to our region. Dig deep and use your resources to reach your long-term and short-term goals. The SEC has some nice teams but they have said some nasty things about our conference in past seasons.

  9. Guilford should still be at least ranked third, you have dropped them too far and I like second for Guilford over Wingate, Guilford is a much better team than the WIngate Bulldogs.

  10. Andy the ACC sent the best it had in VT to LSU, and LSU said they get a better work out in practice everyday than the game the hokies gave them. The ACC is awful and we all know it.

  11. Dayum a few open dates and you completely drop UNCG from the rankings?
    That is raw, man, just raw.
    What does a Spartan got to do to get some love yall? (Please don’t say go to Tate St, please don’t say go to Tate St, please don’t say go to Tate St….) 😉

  12. We need to get Ron Simmons in here to recognize UNCG coach Michael Parker on his induction to the Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame. Coach Parker is the UNCG futbol coach and Simmons was an All-Ameican nose-guard at Florida State and Ron may have a word for the current Spartan squad.

  13. ACC may be sorry, but they’re not a bunch of cheat’n idiots like the SEC. I had heard that 11 of the 12 SEC schools were on probation for recruiting infractions within the last couple of years. The one that wasn’t? Vandy.

    If VT is the best the ACC has to offer, why are we even playing the games? Greg says VT is the “best the ACC has to offer!” Let’s just cancel the season so we can follow Bama imploding, AGAIN. Not sure if anybody on here watched the end of the Bama game the other night, but all those rabid fans sure did look disappointed. LOL!

  14. Nick Saban said when he retired he was going to move to the state of North Carolina because he wanted to be as far away from big time college as he could get.

  15. Will that be next year when you guys have to buy out his contract? Two losses to Auburn = Job Search. While the NE is probably more lethargic when it comes to football, NC is a very close second. Go Catawba!

  16. North Carolina is one of the finest states in the Union. I like old Nick Saban jokes too but I also have respect for the state of North Carolina and it’s college football. I look forward to the day when UNC-Charlotte or just plain old Charlotte and UNCG have teams and I believe that will be soon, and I agree with those of you that are in support of Catawba Indian and Elon University football. We have more of the smaller schools playing ball at a higher level than many of the SEC area states.

    They do not have the Appalachians or the East Carolinas or Davidsons or the Wingates or the Mars Hills. North Carolina has the best mid-level college and university system in the Southeast and along the Atlantic Coast region of the US. I feel like topics such as these need to be addresed when we are looking at the total sphere of sports in America.

    I love college football and I love what we have here in the old North State. God Bless America, Cheerwine, and Bojangles chicken.

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