New scoreboard dedication at Northern Guilford today at 2pm

The Northern Guilford Nighthawks will unveil a large poster depiction of their brand new baseball scoreboard today at 2pm at the school. The dedication ceremony will take place at the site of the new baseball stadium/field.

The new baseball scoreboard purchase will be made possible through a donation of over $10,000 from Chris Gunter. Chris Gunter is the owner/operator of Gunter’s Convenience Store on Highway 150 at Church Street.

Gunter is also a former player for Johnny Smith the first-ever baseball coach at the new Northern Guilford High School. Gunter was a Palomino baseball player for Coach Smith’s Guilford Patriots back in the 1990’s.

For more information you can call Coach Johnny Smith at 442-7433. He can give you directions to the school if you would like to join them there today at 2pm. The school is located off of Highway 150 and the Church Street extension.

*****The Northern Guilford Nighthawks will have a brand new baseball scoreboard and let’s hear it for Chris Gunter from Gunter’s Store for helping to make it all possible.*****

4 thoughts on “New scoreboard dedication at Northern Guilford today at 2pm

  1. It is people like the Gunter’s that make Guilford County a great place to live. Giving to others and helping kids is something we should do more of. I am sure the players, fans and school employees will enjoy this scoreboard for years to come. Thanks to Chris and Leslie Gunter.

  2. Gunter’s store is still open? Thought it burned down. It was the only place up there where you could get a tire plugged back in the day.

  3. Chris Gunter was at the new school site today along with his lovely wife and they say Chris could throw a mean baseball back in his day at Northwest Guilford. He only weighed about 125 back then but he is much larger now and he has a large heart to support the new Northern program like he is doing.

    Principal Joe Yeagar was also out this afternoon along with NG AD Darrell Force and County School board chairman Alan Duncan. Northern Guilford is a very large physical plant and I had never seen this area of the county until today.

    It’s wide open spaces at Northern Guilford.

  4. Chris Gunter is a class act! On behalf of the citizens of Northern Guilford County and the parents of future students and atheletes of NGHS, Thank You Chris!

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