If I were a betting man…..

Well last week these selections were perfectly awful at 3-12 making me 15-21-1. Hey what do you expect for nothing, then again I have a feeling some of you went the other way which means that you made out nicely. May you not do as well this week.

In college ball

Miami dropping twenty four and the hook against the dookies.

Army -5 ½ over Temple

In the first leg of the race for the Commander In Chief trophy take Air Force +2 ½ against Navy.

In a blowout special Bama +2 ½ against the Noles

In another blowout special Oregon State -1 ½ against UCLA

Idaho +26 against Hawaii is tempting since the Bows tend to struggle on the road

Surprising UVA should easily cover -7 against a Pitt team that has been quite putrid this season thus far

Clemson -3 against Ga Tech

Wow Purdue is -22 against Notre Dame, my how the mighty have fallen. Of course don’t look for the Boilermakers to show the Irish any sympathy over their plight, but do look for them to cover the spread as this has become the season of retribution for abused Irish opponents of the past.

And in the mid major mega blowout take a pretty doggone good Troy team -13 ½ vs. Louisiana-Monroe

In the pros

In the super supreme lock of the millennium look for Matt Schaub to make the Falcons sorry they ever let him go by burning Atlanta. Houston -3, but don’t be surprised if it ends up being about thirty.

Minnesota +2 ½ against the Pack, yes this has been one heck of a possible swan song for Brett Favre, but the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome is the mans personal house of horrors.

San Fran +1 ½ over Seattle as the Niners rebound from their poor performance in Pittsburg

The G-men +2 ½ against the Eagles
And since I am sure you degenerates will need it by then here’s your bail out play on MNF….. Cincinnati +7 ½ against a Patriot team due for a little of a letdown.

11 thoughts on “If I were a betting man…..

  1. OK Paul, I will not fade you this week but the New York Football Giants +2 1/2 against the Eagles? It looks like maybe Philly is back on track. On your college board, I think that Purdue and ND is a definite NO PLAY. 22 points??? ND is awful but they have a way of “winning” games like this. I think Purdue wins but I don’t think they pound them. Hope I am wrong though!

  2. Paul, 3-7 in the college ranks?? Thats a 30% clip. You better turn it around on the pro games or it is back to fading Mr. Walnuts!

  3. I know you’re not putting your own scratch, but you need to stop picking so many games. There are several games on your board that are no-plays.

    Find just a couple of games and hammer them. You can’t win picking so many games. Although you also can’t win if you don’t bet cash.

  4. I concur with Bruce. Each week you have some good matchups that you seem to have some inside/local knowledge on. I would stick to those, except Duke and UNC. You are obviously a Heel fan and therefore have an intense hatred for the Blue Devils. These teams should be off limits given your extreme biases toward each of them.

    While I would have a difficult time reading this as a serious column given your terrible record and questionable knowledge, even if the record were positive, I would have to give some unprofessional points for purposely mispelling Duke. Terms like “Dook” and “Tarhole” should be left to ignorant posters. Maybe you are a better fit contributing as a poster on this site?

  5. As bad as this moron’s picks are, I think this dude is closer to Pauly Shore than Paulie Walnuts! How many units are you down for the season buddy?

  6. Nice rebound on the Sunday night game, I guess McNabb really does suck. 4-10 going into the Monday night match. I hope your bail out comes through but you are a long way from the magic 54% mark and the “profit land”.

  7. Hi everyone, this is Brandon Lang (thats right, that Brandon Lang). You may remember me from the smash hit, \”Two for the Money\” starring Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey. I\’m the guy Matthew played in the movie. I\’ve been following this site for the last few weeks and I\’ve got to tell you, these picks have been downright awful. I didn\’t come here to trash this site but rather to offer my services. You see, I produce winners. For winners. My Sunday NFL record speaks for itself, 17-7-2. +133 DIMES! Come over to my website (click on my name) and see for yourself. I can make you a winner to and don\’t forget what I always say \”They only make movies about winners and that\’s me!\”

  8. Hey folks, Karl Garrett here. Tonight is the NIGHT. My 40 DIME MNF Total of the Year comes home tonight. As GOD is my witness, 40 DIMES!!! You CANT afford to miss this. Come over to the website (click on my name) and get this winner NOW! Stop following the losers and join the winners. I also have a 20 DIME side on this game that will blow your man out of the water. Garrett = 40 DIME WINNERS!

  9. Rob, yes you are right, terms like Tarhole are message board fodder. But Dook is a term with historical meaning. Plus unlike Tarhole it is not obviously offensive, just derisive. And DOOK fans deserve all the derision that can be dished out.

    When Andy starts paying me, I will be more ‘professional’ . Then again if any of us here were professional sports writers you think we would be bothering to respond with the likes of YOU 🙂 .

  10. Are you kidding me? To actually stand here and differentiate “Tarhole” vs. “Dook” only further exposes your immature mindset. Not really that much of a surprise given your past writings.

    As I said before, if your want your blog or writings to have a professional tone, you would use proper dialogue, but given your age and accomplishments, I’m not sure educating you would really make a difference at this point and time. Beleive it or not, most people I know who have actually attended UNC-Chapel Hill seem to carry a sense of journalistic integrity or dignity about them. Thankfully, your educational background has not made me adjust my theory.

    Good luck with your picks this week. I promise never to overestimate your intelligence in the future.

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