Have you Seen a this? John Cena hurt at Monday Night Raw

John Cena was injured at Monday Night Raw. Cena was hurt BAD and this could be another disaster for Mr. Vince McMahon and the WWE. Cena is hurt BAD, what are they going to do?

Here’s more from Wade Keller and www.pwtorch.com:

WWE champion John Cena sustained a serious injury during last night’s main event match on Raw, and has been flown to Birmingham, Alabama for an evaluation by Dr. James Andrews, according to the World Wrestling Entertainment website.

During Cena’s match with Ken Kennedy, Cena came up holding his right arm after performing an armdrag. Announcer Jim Ross immediately speculated that Cena had injured his shoulder. Cena finished the match, and the postmatch attack on Cena by challenger Randy Orton went off as planned.
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