Rockies over Padres in 13

“I can’t believe it. Can you believe it? We were down. We battled back. We did it against the best closer of all time”.(Trevor Hoffman)
–Rockies first baseman
Todd Helton

The Colorado Rockies topped the San Diego Padres in 13 innings on Monday night. The final was 9-8 in the one-game playoff with the winner facing the Philadelphia Phillies.

Did anybody stay up to see this game and what about the coverage on TBS? The Rockies in the World Series?

One thought on “Rockies over Padres in 13

  1. I will take the Rockies they are on a roll right now. Clint Hurdle is a fine manager. I remember him and Willie Wilson when they played for the KC Royals. Roll on Rockies Roll on.

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