Golden Corral Contest results are in….Tickets winner to be announced later today

It was a real close contest this week with Dan, Marshall, and PagePirates44 all checking in at 10-3 each.

The rest of the results were Rob 10-3, Chan 9-4, Chuckyd 9-4. Stan 9-4, April 8-5, Big Jim 8-5, Hollywood 8-5, Johnny 8-5, Michael 8-5, Rick 8-5, Roch101 8-5, Jane 7-6, Mr. Carr 7-6, Doubting Tomas 6-7.

PagePirates44 was the winner 10-3 with 39 total points on the Sunday night game: the total was 47, Marshall had 24, and Dan was over with 52. Congrats to all and we will announce the Tickets winner later today when we get some extra time to put all those names together and draw them out of the hat.