Golden Corral Contest results are in….Tickets winner to be announced later today

It was a real close contest this week with Dan, Marshall, and PagePirates44 all checking in at 10-3 each.

The rest of the results were Rob 10-3, Chan 9-4, Chuckyd 9-4. Stan 9-4, April 8-5, Big Jim 8-5, Hollywood 8-5, Johnny 8-5, Michael 8-5, Rick 8-5, Roch101 8-5, Jane 7-6, Mr. Carr 7-6, Doubting Tomas 6-7.

PagePirates44 was the winner 10-3 with 39 total points on the Sunday night game: the total was 47, Marshall had 24, and Dan was over with 52. Congrats to all and we will announce the Tickets winner later today when we get some extra time to put all those names together and draw them out of the hat.

18 thoughts on “Golden Corral Contest results are in….Tickets winner to be announced later today

  1. Dan was closer on the points. Your rules didn’t say that we had to guess the points without going over — just guess the points. The closest should win.

  2. Roch, its a known rule, that when you do a pick’em and you go over on the tiebreaker, then you automatically dont win. no matter how close you are.

  3. We have to use our old WEKW AM1400 rule book when this contest gets tight. Dan and Marshall lost this time but there’s always another day in the NFL Contest. Marshall had the winner on Sunday night but he was still tied with the others at 10-3 after all the dust had settled. Dan went over and PagePirates44 ended up being closer in points than Marshall although they were tied at 1-3 overall.

    I wish the Packers would have won the game like they were supposed to and I might have talked Brett “Golden Corral Boy ” Farve into letting me go over there. The best contests we had on the old WKEW were when Time Warner Cable would give away FREE Pay-per-views for the Boxing Matches and they would give us fleece jackets to give away with all kinds of extras.

  4. Now hold on yall, I’m the chosen one… I was tied for the lead and was the only one to pick the tie breaker correct. It is clear that I should be the one heading to golden corral… Anyone who wants to argue can meet me behind the car wash off Cone Blvd…

  5. Marshall, anyone who is brave enough to go behind the old car wash on East Cone is probably somebody you don’t want to mess with.

  6. I think I should win the second set of tickets. April is no where near October. My middle name is October. Furthermore I have a birthday in October. If anyone has a problem they can meet me behind the bar on Lawndale and Cornwalis.

  7. Come’on Marshall, everybody knows that Huff’s store is where we roll. Bring the baseball bats and we’ll let the SE Guilford Baseball team bring the adult beverages.

  8. We have to adjust with the rules as the contest goes on. If a certain tight situation comes up then we will have an answer for it. The food is good keep on trying and although some of you may be hinting that we are running a crooked contest everything carried out here is above board and if it isn’t we will make it up as we go along.(Just kidding but flexibility is my strong suit) I never know how these contests are going end up, if that was the case then I would run for Mayor or seek out the Chairmanship of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners. We try to be fair in all that we do but many times we have to play it on the fly and if we printed or broke down every rule for all the contests the contest itself would be boring to read because by the time you got ready to pick the games you would be asleep after reading all the rules. We try to keep the details simple, but fair.

    We will continue to make calls on the fly and we do appreciate all of your input as we try to put more of these contests together. We are seeking some shade on this very hot City Council Primary Day but we are not running a shady operation. You know what we need, we need a whiner line. That’s a great idea but some other nutt is already using it.

    In the Primary for Greensboro City Council without making a direct endorsement, let’s all join together in this simple phrase: Hey, hey, what do you say; Let’s All Vote For MariKay…………Abuzuaiter……………Greensboro City Council at Large…………………………

  9. I’m not going to make no fuss about losing the contest this week. How many weeks do we still have left in the season 12 or 13, I’ll win it sometime. I used to work at Golden Corral so I know the food is good and I’ll get mine later.

    I did want to know the name of that bar on Lawndale. I used to know a guy named Rick that ran a bar on Lawndale near the Drugstore across from Sears. What’s the name of that bar where everybody is hanging out? Is the Red Hat or the Bench still running?

  10. Alright, yall heard him. He is going to be at GC after the page game. All three people with ten wins will meet there and we can share the card, after all, it is a $20 card. I think we can probably all get the buffet with that. There is a peaceful way to settle this Page… I don’t think you want to go the other route! j/k, I don’t think anyone can complain about anything on a free contest…

  11. Ok Dan, the bar on Lawndale I was talking about IS golden corral. I plan to be hanging out there after the page-grimsley game. I will share my gift card(undisputed winner week 4) with you and Marshall Brown. Weather permitting. And yes the Bench is still there. I hear that they are a Buffalo Bill fan club. You should get a Bill hat or t-shirt and try it sometime. I have also heard they have pretty good drink specials.

  12. Ok Dan, all of that talk above was garbage. I will stop being so immature. The bar I was talking about to begin with is lawndale drive in. It is in front of Outback(battleground) on Lawndale. Same shopping center as Kerr Drug. The Bench is still open but, it is 100 percent pittsburgh steeler fan club. If you walk in there with a Bill hat or shirt you might die. I will not be at corral fri. night. However I will be at lawndale drive in mon. at midnight and I will buy you and Marshall a couple beers each. Good luck next week on the ol picks.

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