NBA Basketball comes to the Coliseum

The Charlotte Bobcats and Miami Heat took to the court Saturday night for NBA preseason action at the Greensboro Coliseum with the Cats coming out on top 92-76. An announced crowd of over 14,000 was on hand and all things considered, fans were treated to a pretty entertaining contest.

Heat star Shaq O’Neal made the trip and played during the game’s first quarter. Charlotte’s name players saw quite a bit more action, most playing deep into the second half. Former Charlotte Hornets star Alonzo Mourning, now with the Heat, also saw considerable minutes backing up O’Neal.

The Bobcats staff did a good job with in-game presentation. There were a couple of entertaining skits and videos on the jumbotron. The crowd went wild during the second half, when, during a video featuring people in the crowd dancing, a Coliseum employee got into the act. Showing off moves that would rival anything seen on “Dancing with the Stars”, it was definately one of the night’s funniest moments.

The Coliseum was very busy on Saturday night as there was another event going on which made the parking situation somewhat chaotic. You have to question the wisdom of scheduling two big events on the same night (I’m sure our own Don Moore has an opinion on this) but the Coliseum staff seemed to handle the situation pretty well.

*****’s Bruce Bullington was told in the restroom by a source “in the know” that Shaq and company were headed to downtown Greensboro after the game. can neither confirm nor deny this report at this time.******