The winner is going to Hollywood

Hollywood was the winner in this week’s Golden Corral NFL picks contest. It came down to the points again and Hollywood just beat out Ted to win the prize.

Here are your results:Hollywood 8-4 and Ted 8-4 but HW gets the win going with 38 points versus Ted’s pick of 28 in the Sunday night game with the total being 45. Thirty-eight would be closer to forty-five without going over for all the Drew Carey fans on the new Price is Right.

Rob also went 8-4 and if the numbers bear out correctly he is still the season-leader and your guru of NFL picks. Stu passed on the Guru, and went with Big Jim’s picks instead of Rob’s and if he went with RS he might have taken home the grub.

Here are the remaining results for last week’s contest:April 7-5, Big C 7-5, Jim 7-5, Stu 7-5, Chuckyd 6-6, Dan 6-6, Marshall 6-6, Steve 6-6, Chan 5-7, JA Joey 5-7, Johnny 5-7, and William 3-9.

William is the closest thing we have to a real football player since he is the star back for the 6-2 Southern Guilford Storm along with QB Antonio Martin, WR Tykeam Dawkins, RB Scotty Wayne, and LB Kencie Brewer. I’ll try to get a plug or prop in here for W Graves Jr. and the Storm any way I can.

Good Luck to all and we will see you next week at Contest Central.

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