High School football Friday October 19

from Thursday night in JV action:Grimsley edged Northwest Guilford 20-19 and Northeast defeated Dudley at NEG. On Wednesday night over at Simeon Stadium in High Point, Northern Guilford routed Rockingham County 32-8.

In Jeff Carlton’s Friday morning HS football bits and pieces he noted that Bob Hicks of NGHS kicked a 47-yard field goal. Hicks is only a freshman and that should take Northern to 6-2 in their first-ever season.

Western Guilford was able to get past Southeast 3-2 in Varsity soccer action on Thursday at SEG.

Tonight on what could be some very wet fields around the Triad we have:
Northwest Guilford at Grimsley-take the Whirlies and their pound it on the ground philosophy. Should end up Whirlies by about 28-31 points.
Northeast Guilford at Dudley-the way both of these teams like to run the ball, this game may be over by 8:15 pm. NEG has to win this game or their hopes for the conference crown are over, NEG by 10.
Ragsdale at Southwestern Randolph-Ragsdale scored a combined 100 points in the two previous weeks in wins over Trinity and Randleman. The Tigers could win by that many tonight if they wanted to.
Page at East Forsyth-Pirates are coming off that HUGE 24-23 thriller over Grimsley and will there be a letdown? The only thing stopping Page this week would be STAPH INFECTION. Compare Page beat Smith 47-8 and EF beat Smith 33-21.
Southeast Guilford at Rockingham County-Western Guilford won easily over the RC Cougars and SEG is much better than WG and SEG takes this no porblem.
West Stokes at Southern Guilford-the Storm is on a mission and it will not be over until they conquer all that stands between them and Reidsville. Look out Stokes here comes the Gravedigger.(William Graves)
Western Guilford at Western Alamance-when I was out at WG back in the dark ages we went down to WA and buried the Warriors, not gonna happen tonight.
McMichael at Eastern Guilford-EG is in “must win mode” and this is their game for the taking.
Smith at High Point Central-Gene Banks needs to recruit some of his old South Philly friends to help out the Smith football team. Heavy helpings of HPC this evening.
High Point Andrews at WS Carver-is it time to carve the turkey? No, but the Yellowjackets will be cutting through the Red Raiders in the twin-cities tonight.
Southwest Guilford at Ronald Reagan-SWG better hope that Nancy, Michael, and RR Jr. are not on the sidelines, but if they are, and in many ways I think they will be, Reagan wins this game. SWG(2-6) vs. Reagan(3-5), one of the toughest calls of the week.

7 thoughts on “High School football Friday October 19

  1. I think were are going to be OK if we can just keep those dark clouds out of here. Nobody wants to be playing on Monday this late in the season.

  2. Well, the Whirlies beat NWG on homecoming. Whoopeee! The team that I hoped would beat Page in the Metro just lost by two ( haven’t read the game report, so I don’t know all the facts). It is looking like Page will claim the Metro title, even though they still have HPC and NWG. GHS has Smith and EF left to play. They should be victories, but then again I thought we would beat Page. Oh well, hopefully the Whirlies will really turn it up in the playoffs, were it truly matters. And like I’ve said before, I would love to see GHS vs. PHS in the playoffs. If it would be anything like last week, we could see these teams on the sportscenter Top Ten plays. What a game that was, even though I bleed Whirlie Blue. GO WHIRLIES!

  3. ha ha Guess ur right, The Greesnsboro Edition with ur host Andy Durham, Maybe u guys should try doing the top ten HS plays of the week, encompassing all sports, may be to much work then u guys already have on ur plate, but I’m sure the fans would love it and it would get the students more involved in this site. Just a thought.

  4. jamos — Page was winning 23-7 late in the 3rd quarter. EF picked up a crucial first down off of a completed pass that was really incomplete (the ball bounced on the ground into the receivers arms). After that first down they scored to make it 23-15. Page then went down the field and scored to make it 30-15. EF then got the ball back and scored and went for an onside kick and got it. At this time the score was 30-22. EF scored again very late in the game, and the Page defense held EF’s 2 point conversion try, winning the game 30-28. It wasn’t really as close as the score indicated. But hey, I give EF credit for never quiting.

  5. Yeah, ended up seein the highlights later, and Page was pretty much in command. But thanks for the info ne ways. Hopefully, the Whirlies will handle East the same way. Not too worried about Smith.

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