If I were a betting man …….

Last week 8-6-2, 29-43-3 for the season, better yes but it is not like these selections could get much worse! This week I see.

On the college front

Let’s ride the Louisville train for another week, Cards -3 ½ against UCONN

Miami (Ohio) -6 against Temple looks like one you can take to the bank.

Clemson -17 against Central Michigan in which must be Homecoming weekend in Death Valley.

Southern Cal is liable to be quite sore after the quality of there performances over the last two weeks. Look for the Trojans to take out their frustrations on the Fighting Irish. SC -17

I don’t trust either side in the Miami-FSU contest. But I do like under 41.

Virginia has been leading a charmed life, Look for their luck to finally run out in College Park, Maryland -4 ½

In the parlay play of the weekend I like ECU -6 against State. But I like the over 54 even more.

Lastly, is there a team more likely for a letdown this week than Kentucky? Florida -7 going away!

In the pros this weeks match-ups in my view are so skewered that there is not a single point-spread play I like on the slate. However I do see several totals that look inviting.

Over 42 ½ in the Saints-Falcons match-up, those two teams always light it up like a Christmas tree.

Over 46 ½ in the Cowboys-Vikings game, even with T.O. throwing a tantrum the Cowboys have the weapons to ensure they will get their points and Minnesota’s quick strike capability and the Cowboys suspect defense suggest this game will be quite high scoring.

Under 51 ½ Pats V. Fish: Sure the Pats will get there 38, but I really don’t see the Dolphins getting 13 or more with Cleo Lemmon at the helm. Ms. Cleo or Jack Lemmon would have a better shot at moving the offense on a consistent basis.

On second thought there is one point spread pick I like. Houston + 1 ½ against Tennessee

Getting back to the trend this week of picking totals, I like the over 45 Monday night between the Colts and Jags.

5 thoughts on “If I were a betting man …….

  1. The Cards train got derailed on Friday night by some good fashion, BAD officiating. I would think that it is “fair” to say, UConn “caught” a lucky break on a rainy night in East Hartford.

  2. 3-4 for your straight picks and 0-1 in your parlay – 3-5 overall for your college football Saturday (and Friday). I look forward to seeing how your over/unders do in the pro games tomorrow. Good Luck!

  3. wow…0-4 on Sunday…It looks like those totals might be “inviting” you to the poor house. 3-9 so far for the week. Over 45 on MNF looks good to avoid the O-fer.

  4. Under 45 was the Monday night play…who knew? Paul, an O-fer for the pro games. 3-10 on the week. Next week, I think I am going to fade your picks. If anyone had faded you the whole season, they would be hitting on what, like a 62% clip? Not bad, that would put some green in the ol’ wallet.

  5. Doug you are my personal auditor!! I will admit this past week was bad, even by my stinky standards!!-PL

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