Southeast Guilford’s Justin Venable in serious automobile accident

SEG’s Justin Venable was involved in an auto accident before Friday’s Falcon contest at Rockingham County. The car wreck happened last Thursday morning while Venable was on the way to school. The accident occured on Company Mill Road at Southeast School Road and Highway 421 South.

Venable had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance and it was determined that he suffered a serious concussion from the impact that he incured when the vehicles collided.

Justin missed Friday’s game at Rockingham County and may have to miss this week’s key conference clash with Eastern Randolph at SEG. Venable was named to the North Carolina Shrine Bowl roster last week as a defensive back.

Also missing from last Friday’s 17-10 loss to the RC Cougars for Southeast were DL Brandon Armstrong and LB Nathan Kroh. LB Josh York has been playing sparingly for the Falcons recently because of injury. All of the players mentioned above were out because of injuries. Kroh will not return, Venable is questionable, Armstrong is day-to-day and York will be ready to go, but how much remains to be seen.

Again, Justin Venable a defensive back from Southeast Guilford HS was in a car wreck last Thursday morning and was forced to sit out last Friday night’s game. Venable is OK but is still suffering some of the on-going symptoms from the concussion.

You may ask, how serious was this accident? Serious enough that Jusitn had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance, he had to miss last week’s game and may miss this week’s matchup with Eastern Randolph. Our thanks to the Venable family for the details we used in this article.

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  1. For those of you asking questions about the accident, Justin was on his way to school at Southeast Thursday morning and was hit by another vehicle. From what I’ve been told the vehicle that hit Justin was then popped by another car. I have probably relayed more information to you on this story than you need to know, but I had not even heard about what happened until I went to church on Sunday morning and spoke to Justin’s grandfather. I saw where SEG had lost their game at Rockingham County and was really suprised until I learned about this accident and the other SEG players that were missing from the game.

    I know more about the local teams and players than anyone else in the business and I need to make sure that all of this information is released properly. I appreciate your concerns for Justin and he is doing better and hopes to be back in the lineup for possibly his last game ever vs. Eastern Randolph on Friday night at Southeast.

    If you want to send your good wishes on to Justin go ahead and leave those comments here. If you are on board to attack his character then send those comments to and do not, and I repeat do not leave any of those commets here because they will not be tolerated. With knowledge comes responsibility and I am responsible for what goes on at this site.

    By having all of the contacts that I do and by representing all of the players that I work with I have to be up front and let you know exactly what the game plan is. For me every day is like a new ball game and I plan on finishing above .500 and to still have me good name within the athletic community and if I have to run roughshod over some of you bad apples then I will.

    You all know that I can dish out the pain so don’t go trying to mess up the apple cart. Send all of your gripes to….If any of the local authorities need to speak to me contact me at the E-mail address, leave your phone number and I will get in touch with you.

    I receive many important calls and return them in the order in which they come in. Thank-you all for making such a big part of the local community.

  2. Tough Luck. Justin, you will be in my prayers. Don’t get out there before ur ready, let ur body recover. But Good Luck! Even though anyone who logs onto this site regularly knows that I’m a Whirlie fan (’03), I’ll definitely be rooting for SEG the rest of the season.

  3. We all hope Justin Venable is doing better and are seeking better Karma for the Southeast Guilford Falcons. Let’s stop all hate crime before the innocent are destroyed.

  4. I’m sorry Chucky Cheese, what does that mean? Like Andy was trying to say, this is a serious situation, maybe one that has been made too public. Nonetheless, lets not make light of this young man’s accident. Still praying for you Justin, and get back out there when your ready. Good Luck!

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