Candice Michelle ripe for the Kill:Terrible injury, out 6-8 weeks reports early Tuesday morning that Candice Michelle suffered a cracked clavicle during her fall from the top rope in her match on Monday night against Beth Phoenix.

Candice was evaluated at a local hospital in Omaha and the initial determination was she would be out 4-6 weeks. has updated the injury to 6-8 weeks out of action. Further tests are being conducted to determine if there are any other related injuries.

Here’s what took place last night on Raw:
Candice Michelle was knocked out completely on an awkward fall during her match with Beth Phoenix live on WWE Raw. She was on the top rope, trying to get her balance, when Beth – in a designed spot – jumped into the ropes to knock Candice down. Candice began her fall, but her right leg caught on the top rope, so her head snapped straight down to the mat hard. There was no compression or awkward twist of the neck, but her right shoulder and the side of her head hit the canvas hard. She was out cold.

The ref checked on her. He held her hand and asked her to squeeze it to be sure she wasn’t just selling. He then told Beth to drag Candice to center-ring and cover her. Beth did, but roughly, yanking her by her hair at first. The ref told her to take it easy (this wasn’t meant to be picked up by the ring mic, but it was). He then told her that this was it and he counted to three.

Afterward, refs, agents, and medics rushed to the ring to check on her. The director stayed on the ring as Candice sat up. They handed her a water bottle. She couldn’t drink any at first, then sipped a little, then said she needed to lie back down. She didn’t seem to know where she was.

Someone then called for an ambulance. A back brace was slid into the ring. Candice was strapped onto that, then a neck brace was added. reports that she was rushed to a local medical facility to be evaluated for a possible shoulder injury. features backstage footage of her being tended to. Candice panicked and wanted her neck brace taken off. She sat up and looked like she was going to throw up. The backstage footage then abruptly stopped.

****This is the second time that Candice has been injured while in action. The previous injury happened when she got kicked in the face and her nose was broken in several places. I was watching this live last evening with one of our readers Cecil Carr and the minute it happened we knew something was wrong. You could tell Michelle had taken an extremely severe blow to the head and that her shoulder was hurt.

Maybe this young lady needs to be looking at another line of work. The WWE ring personel also need to be more careful in how they handle injured talent. Having Beth Phoenix pull Candice by the hair to the center of the ring was not a smart move.

Our crowd was watching the WWE wrestling at the Lawndale Branch Library not to be confused with the Longbrach Saloon.*****Today’s info with the exeption of the eiditor’s notes comes to us from Wade Keller and………

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  2. Jim you are exactly right. This may the last we see of Candice Michelle unless you have a Rabbit magazine stuffed up under your mattress.

  3. I know Candice must reads these blogs, and I wish you a quick recovery.

    and, Candice, if you need somebody to help take care of ya, you have my number.

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