Grasshoppers – More Room To Party!

We knew about it in the K-Zone for several weeks before the end of the season…..

The Grasshoppers have announced that they will be adding two more “Party Decks” to the upper level. OR as I would have stated it – Expanding the Upper Deck Seating. The Upper Deck Skyboxes are SOLD OUT, if you want to rent the Yes Weekly Party Deck, you are out of luck – it books a year out. So adding two new Skyboxes is a no brainer – it’s probably already close to sold out now! Lomax Construction will be handling the upgrades.

Now if we can figure out a way to get those Grand Stand Box patrons to show up! Those boxes are SOLD OUT as well; but the ticket holders rarely attend the games.

3 thoughts on “Grasshoppers – More Room To Party!

  1. My girlfriends father is a Grand Stand Box patron. He is the owner of Craft Insurance Center. Last season we went to 5-6 games, its just hard to go to every home game with a ‘booked’ type of daily schedule.

  2. The problem is that when you have people wanting seats and there are 300 or so empty every game in a prime spot – people want to know what the deal is????

    There doesn’t seem to be a problem keeping the upper deck sky boxes full every game. I had recommended to the Grasshoppers on many occasions that they assign an Intern to call Grand Stand Box holders to see if they were using their tickets – if not, would they donate them to a charity. The Grasshoppers can resell the tickets with the charity getting the cash. WIN WIN WIN.

  3. I try to sit behind home plate, or just up close in general, try to get the feel of the game, but you do have to watch out for those foul balls. Go Hoppers!

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