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Welcome to this week’s County Countdown at GREENSBOROSports.com. Since we don’t have Casey Kasem or Bob Kingsbury available we will head out to the county and get this countdown started on our own.

Here’s how the high schools line up in the rankings for this week:
#1)Grimsley(8-1) Bounced back after the Page loss to follow QB Zach Maynard’s lead in the Whirlies 36-19 win over Northwest Guilford. Maynard was watching from the sidelines in street clothes on Monday during practice but he should be ready to go in Friday night’s game with (4-5) East Forsyth at Jamieson Stadium. Hit of the Week on FOX 8 Friday Football came from Grimsley’s David Moore against NWG.
#2)Northeast Guilford(7-2) The Rams held their own destiny and the football in their hands at Dudley and they came away with a 14-13 victory. This week NEG goes to Rockingham County with RB Tyler Woods carrying the load.
#3)Ragsdale(8-2) The Tigers clinched the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference title last Friday night with their resounding 51-15 win at Southwestern Randoph. Tigers stand at (5-0) in the conference and have this week off.
#4)Dudley(7-2) The Panthers lost the Big One to NEG and now prepare to play the Big One II when (10-0), and #1 in the State 3-A rankings, Western Alamance, comes to Tarpley Stadium.
#5)Southern Guilford(7-2) The Storm was on the rise last Friday night stopping West Stokes 28-6, and now the SGS bus rolls into (9-0) Reidsville town Friday night where the Storm will face the Rams for all the marbles in North State 2-A Conference. We need to ask Graves, Brewer, Martin, Wayne, Dawkins, Garcia, and Brown if they will be riding or flying home?
#6)Page(5-4) Page held on to beat East Forsyth 30-28 and now the Pirates will be off on another road trip, this time going to High Point to meet the HP Central Black Bison. A matchup of quarterbacks, one that likes to run:HPC’s Ricky Mithchell and another that likes to pass and run:Page’s Will Newman. Newman may be the area’s top QB prospect right now.
#7)Southeast Guilford(6-3) The Falcons were flying in the wrong direction coming home from Rockingham County with a 17-10 loss and now have a “Must Win Friday” coming up this week at home versus Eastern Randolph. Will DB Justin Venable be ready to go after the car wreck from last Thursday morning? Freshman Seth Stone(5’11/220) has become a big part of the SEG line playing right beside mammoth #92 James Pegues.
#8)Eastern Guilford(5-4) The ‘Cats put the choke-hold on McMichael 45-21 with Gerrod Herbin and Will Gann having huge games and now EG travels to West Stokes this Friday to face the other Wildcat club.
#9)Western Guilford(5-4) Chris Causey’s Hornets got welcomed to the real world of Western Alamance football last Friday down near Elon as the WA Warriors said hello to the tune of a 49-14 win over WG. This week the Hornets visit (1-8) Bartlett Yancey. Hot diggity dog.
#10)High Point Central(4-5) The Black Bison took it easy on Smith winning 42-0 and now here comes the Page Pirates to HP’s Simeon Stadium on Friday night. Coach Wayne Jones better check his players bones after this one, they may be missing a few.
#11)Southwest Guilford(3-6) SWG picked up a much-needed win over Reagan 20-0 last week and this Friday the Cowboys play host to cross-town rival High Point Andrews and this may have a playoff scenario built into it.
#12)High Point Andrews(2-6) The Raiders are coming off a close loss to Carver 24-21 and now they have the bus warmed up for the short trip over to SWG.
#13)Northwest Guilford(2-7) NWG lost the Grimsley game and they lost their quarterback Zack Lewis in the process. Now the Vikings will be the host when the Smith Golden Eagles head out toward the Airport on Friday evening in a battle to avoid last place in the Metro 4-A.
#14)Northern Guilford JV’s(6-2) The Nighthawks walloped Rockingham County last Wednesday night in High Point and this week they will take on Morehead at Southeast Guilford.(toinght Thursday Oct.25).
#15)Smith(0-9) The Golden Eagles left HP Central with loss number nine and now they might have their only chance for a “W” all year long with the visit to NWG. This is it, as Elvis Presely used to say, “It’s Now or Never”. The Eagles have Grimsley next week and just imagine(John Lennon) the Eagles singing “It’s Now or Never”, instead of Elvis. That’s what you call Music 007 Class in the local schools.

5 thoughts on “High School football County Countdown

  1. I don’t know how that happened but the totals came out and this is how it showed up. It nay be that we went overboard after the Page win over Grimsley and it might also be the out-cry I received from the Southern fans about the 5-4 superseeding the 7-2 or it may be that we just forgot to look at last week’s rankings and we better not go that route again.

    I’ve got a feeling that it will all settle itself out after this week’s games and if Page takes care of business they should be moving up again, but I got to tell you, if Southern goes up there and beats Reidsville then SG has got to keep that upper spot for another week. Any way you look at it we’ve got ourselves an interesting shake-down on our hands.

  2. EF is in one of those positions to put up big numbers against Grimsley’s suspect secondary. Although EF has a weak D, which will prolly let them down in a loss to Grimsley.

    Grimsley – 28
    East Forsyth -24

  3. Weak D huh? Well, I say let Keennan Allen do some work. And hopefully Maynard will throw another 200+ yards. But Ive heard of their QB, must have some talent if he visited ND. But wedo need this one (as well as a Page loss) to have a chance at the Metro Title.

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