John Walker’s Record Intact – Indy Station not trying for Guinness

There’s quite a dust up in Indy has WKLU had a guy trying to “break” the record for staying on the air the longest.

“BREAK” is used liberally as it was determined “though they decided not to go for the Guinness recognition. GM Bart Johnson tells Radio-Info that once they began the certification process, they realized there were some conditions they might not be comfortable with.”Radio Info

Exactly… John Walker had the advantage of breaking the Guinness World Record at a non-commercial, student radio station, at a time when most students were not available to fill shifts (Summer Break before the Fall Semester). WKLU is a commercial radio station with programming and personnel commitments that made adhering to the Guinness standards literally impossible. They sent their guy out to meet and greet (not acceptable for Guinness), they had to make money at the same time.

So while the Indy station is saying “world” record; but it’s not qualified as a Guinness record. It may be a record at the station, the city, the state, the part of the country; but it’s not a WORLD record. I guess in the “world” of WKLU, it’s a record. Party on, dude!