I’m still digging try find out more about the future of UNC’s Butch Davis

We received quite a few inquiries last week about the future of North Carolina’s head football coach Butch Davis. Will he remain a Tar Heel, will he become a Razorback, or will he jump to Nebraska and take over the Cornhuskers down-trodden football program?

Just like last week, I’m just asking to see if anybody has heard anything new especially with the BIG North Carolina-N.C. State game coming up this Saturday afternoon.

I have been receiving several inquiries asking about the possibility of Coach Davis going to Nebraska. These questions are coming from Cornhusker fans who are very dissatisfied with their head man Bill Callohan.

Fans will always be looking and the name of Butch Davis keeps popping up on my radar sheets.

Thanks for your help last week and if you’ve heard anything new it would be good to send it our way before 3:30pm Saturday, because by then it may be too late to beat the next flight out to Fayetteville/Little Rock or Lincoln.