I’m still digging try find out more about the future of UNC’s Butch Davis

We received quite a few inquiries last week about the future of North Carolina’s head football coach Butch Davis. Will he remain a Tar Heel, will he become a Razorback, or will he jump to Nebraska and take over the Cornhuskers down-trodden football program?

Just like last week, I’m just asking to see if anybody has heard anything new especially with the BIG North Carolina-N.C. State game coming up this Saturday afternoon.

I have been receiving several inquiries asking about the possibility of Coach Davis going to Nebraska. These questions are coming from Cornhusker fans who are very dissatisfied with their head man Bill Callohan.

Fans will always be looking and the name of Butch Davis keeps popping up on my radar sheets.

Thanks for your help last week and if you’ve heard anything new it would be good to send it our way before 3:30pm Saturday, because by then it may be too late to beat the next flight out to Fayetteville/Little Rock or Lincoln.

11 thoughts on “I’m still digging try find out more about the future of UNC’s Butch Davis

  1. I think Coach Davis is staying in Chapel-Hill and I beleive the Heels will beat NC State on Saturday. Carolina is quicker than State and Evans will see a lot of pressure coming his way from the Heels D-LINE. Heels win in Raleigh, it won’t be big, but North Carolina is going to win and that is all that matters to me.

  2. Butch is as good as gone. Paully Walnuts screwed him in his last column. One thing good ole Paul has proven, Dr. “Fade” Lambeth can’t call the college stuff worth a darn. Butch is gone and the Mack Brown memorial fish tank will be lonely once more. Is it basketball season yet?

  3. Rumor has it that Nebraska will make a strong offer for both Jim Grobe and Ron Wellman, something that will be tough to turn down. Carolina will probably keep Butch but will have to give him a raise, also tough to do with a losing record!

  4. If Nebraska got Butch Davis it would be a good catch, but if the Cornhuskers were able to grab both Ron Wellman and Jim Grobe then that would be a great catch.

    Davis is fine but I have heard so many great things about Grobe and Wellman that I might want to jump ship and follow them to http://www.lincolnnebraskasports.com.

  5. Butch Davis isn’t going anywhere and the Tar Heels will beat the Wolfpack on Saturday. David Glenn of ACC.com said on his radio show that North Carolina was a better defensive team than NC State. Glenn said State is giving up close to 300 yards a game on the ground and the Heels can take advantage of that and TJ Yates is a much better passer than Daniel Evans. Evans is wimpy and has the looks of a loser that is scared back in the pocket. Glenn says take the Heels and you can book it. The Heels are going to win, the Heels are going to win, the Heels are going to win and don’t you Wolfpack fans forget it and don’t count on Butch Davis going anywhere any time soon. Butch and his boys will beat you this year and it’s going to keep on happening. When’s the last time State even beeat Carolina, back when Charlie Holtz was there? State is going down on Saturday and the Heels are the best team in the State. Thank-you.

  6. Ummmm, last I checked, Wake, ECU and App might dispute the Tarholes being the best in the state. My BC team could probably beat those morons.

  7. People can make jokes but the Heels will have the last laugh when we beat State on Saturday and we will do it with class unlike those agriculture students in Raleigh. Hey farmers, help us find a way to fight the drought, you have no chance to halt the football drought vs. the Heels. The wins are adding up for North Carplina in the series against State.

    Go Heels, with another win for UNC on Saturday in Raleigh.

  8. UNC vs. NCSU?

    Should we file this one under the “thank God football season is over” header or does it count as the “who gives a rat’s a$$” bowl?

    If UNC wins, big freakin deal. If NC State wins, who cares? Anybody propping this contest as meaningful in any way, shape or form needs to get their head examined unless they are affiliated with Raycom or a season ticket holder. Season ticket holders for either school should be lined up and shot for wasting an entire football season worth of Saturdays.

    Walnuts has spoken. See ya Butch!

  9. This game means so much to the Wolfpack family. It’s not about bowls and that sort of thing. The Tar Heel fans are the worst in the world and if they win they will be running their mouth all over the Triangle for another year. N.C. State has to win this game or else. We may as well join forces with the A and T Aggies and go after the MEac if we can’t beat Carolina.

    Let everyone know this is a must win for the Wolfpack. Our lives and athletic future depend on it. We have to win this game. Please Lord let us win this game.

    Tom has never been through anything like this. NC State over North Carolina on Saturday by 10 points and remember we have to win this game or it’s going to be a long year in the Triangle.

  10. So much for anybody wanting Butch. Losses to ECU and NC State are down right embarrassing. The Heels should savor this loss.

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