Ric Flair and Chuck Norris jump on board Mike Huckabee bandwagon

Professional wrestler Ric Flair has joined actor and martial artist Chuck Norris in support of Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee of Arkansas. According to CNN, Flair will host a Huckabee for President tailgating party at the South Carolina-Clemson football game this Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Ric Flair and Chuck Norris jump on board Mike Huckabee bandwagon

  1. Huckabee doesn\’t have a snowball\’s chance in hell of getting the nomination much less winning the Presidency. Being endorsed by the likes of Norris and Flair pretty much tells you all you need to know about Huck – he is a joke. There was a great President from Hope, Arkansas a few years back. Come Jan. \’09, he\’ll be back in the White House, just in a different role! Then all these right wing nut jobs like Norris and Flair can go back to pushing exercise equipment and losing large sums of money through ill-advised investments.

  2. Elvin, clearly you do not have your fingers on the pulse of the nation. Ric Flair and Chuck Norris endorsing Huckabee can mean only one thing – the race is over. Rudy, Fred, Hillary, Barrack, and even News – Record Boy Toy John Edwards can save a lot of money by pulling out right now.

  3. Huckabee may be the only TRUE conservative in the race but he has no chance of winning. It amazes me that the GOP right wing base is SO scared of Hill being elected that they would support someone like Rudy if it means keeping Clinton out of the White House.

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